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120. Mary Post (Post)(Post)/Pfost: (Married:John Strader (#119) in 1792 in Upshur County, Virginia . (Source of pink: Find a Grave for John Strader Jr. , Memorial #61956784) (Source of green: "Descendants of Hans Wilhelm Strader" by Don Norman) (Source of torquoise: p. 578 of "The history of Upshur County, West Virginia, from its earliest exploration and settlement to the present time ..." ) (Source of purple: posting)


Born: about 1775 in Hampshire County, Virginia) of Valentine Pfost/Valentine Pfost/ Post (#239) and Barbara Devlin (#240). (Source of orange type: "Chapter 3: Christopher Strader Sr. (1745-1825)", p. 19 of a document written in 1976 by an unknown (to this webmaster) author and posted on byTurner_Rebecca08 on 20 July 2015)

Died: 1817 [Note: Mary's husband married Elizabeth Cooper in 1817]. (Source of red: needs documentation proof)


[Her siblings, if any, are unknown for sure] [Note: possibly one was Jacob Post]

a) Jacob Post: (Married: Barbara Strader, sister-in-law to Mary Post) Born: ? Died: ? Miscellaneous: Jacob is believed to be the son of Valentine POST (PFOST) of Hardy Co., Va., therefore likely double brother-in-law of John Strader. Jacob and Barbara lived for a brief period of time on the 200 acre section of land located on the south side of Little Sand Run (now golf course location) presently Upshur Co., W. Va. given to her by her parents. They sold the property to her brother John in Aug 1811 and they moved to the vicinity of Pickaway Co., Ohio soon afterward. Children: Elizabeth, Catherine, Abraham, Jacob, and Valentine (Source of purple: Application for U.S. Sons of the American Revolution Membership Application approved Nov 26, 1956, for Richard Dean Myers, a descendant of Christopher Strader, Senior, Barbara Strader, and her son Valentine Post) (Source of small purple type: Chapter 3: Christopher Strader Sr. (1745-1825)", p. 19-20 of a document written in 1976 by an unknown (to this webmaster) author and posted on byTurner_Rebecca08 on 20 July 2015)



Mary's father's "Will was probated 10 Dec 1800 in Hardy Co., Va (W.Va) listing wife Barbara but did not have a Mary as dau listed. All genealogist agree a Will does not necessarily list all children and in the case of Valentine, all the historians and genealogists the author has contacted have indicated he likely to be the progenitor of all POSTs in the area of Hardy Co. to Upshur Co. W.Va in that time. "

Mary and John had at least nine children, including among them Martin, Sarah, Isaac, Michael, John Strader Jr., Barbara Strader (#60) , Elizabeth, Jacob, and Mary.

At the time the 1810 Census for Harrison County, Virginia was conducted, John and Mary had nine children living in the home. John was ~41. [Note: Mary, born in 1775, would have been 35 in 1810. There is a listing for 1 Free White Woman aged 26 to 44.] The census can be seen at this link.

Mary likely died in or just before 1817. On July 24, 1817, her husband married for the second time.


Lifetime Events Summary for Mary Post:

Mary's age
Revolutionary War
1775 - 1783
0 - 8
Birth of Children
1801 - 1804
26 - 29

Birth of daughter Barbara (#60)

War of 1812
1812 - 1815
37 - 40


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