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54. Hannah Cunningham (Married Ervin Donnell (#53) on 12 December 1818 in Guilford County according to North Carolina Marriage Bonds 1741- 1868, Bond # 000054902; Image Number: 001914; Record # 01 121. Bondsman: Joseph Donnell, Witness: Jno. Hanner,

Born: 1801 of John Cunningham Jr. (#107) & Mary Mitchell (#108).

Died: 2 April, 1844 in the 43rd year of her age. (Her grave site is 5E-6E/5D-6D in the old section of the Buffalo Presbyterian Church Cemetery: source; Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Cemetery Greensboro, North Carolina, compiled by Raymond Dufau Donnel, 1996, p. 21). (Hannah's gravesite was verified during a visit to the cemetery on 29 September 2005 by Susan Snyder (#2) and her cousins Sandra Henson and Mary Lu Finch. A photographs is shown at the bottom of this page.)

[Her half siblings included:

a) James Cunningham: (Married: Mary B. Patrick of Rockingham Co., N.C.) Born: 1787 of John Cunningham Jr. (#107) & Margaret Donnell; Died: 1821. [Note: James was one of the three Executors of his father's will. He is named in his father's 1820 will, which was filed February 1821. James died later that same year.].];

b) Isabella Cunningham: (Married: Mr. Sims) Born: ? before the 1790 census which lists a girl child of John Cunningham Jr. (#107) & Margaret Donnell; Died: ? [Note: She must have died prior to when her father wrote his will in 1820. His will does not mention her name, but it mentions Edward Sims (likely her husband) and grandson Rufus Sims];

c) John Cunningham: Born: 1795 of John Cunningham Jr. (#107) & Margaret Donnell; Died: 1817. He is buried at Buffalo Presbyterian Church Cemetery. This was verified in a visit to his gravesite by Susan Snyder (#2) on 29 September 2005) His tombstone reads: "Sacred to the memory of John Cunningham Who departed his life July the 14th 1817 aged 22 years. [Note: John was survived by his father, who died in 1821.]


[Her siblings included:

a) Mitchell Cunningham: Born: 1799; Died: 1842. ;

b) Joseph Cunningham: (Married: Abigail Peoples ( says Abigail Peeples on 5 March, 1833) Born:?; Died: ? Miscellaneous:located 2 miles south of Doggett’s Mill, Greensboro, N.C.;

c) Polly Cunningham: (Married: William Pritchett, 17 July (according to LDS) 1823) Born: 1805; Died: 1877.; Miscellaneous: After the death of her father, her guardian became Ervin Donnell (#53), her brother-in-law. She was ~16 when her father died. She remained under the guardianship until she married William at ~18 old.

d) William Cunningham: Born: [Note: ~ 1809 according to the date he discharged his guardian in 1830]; Died: ?; Miscellaneous: Died single. After the death of his father, in 1821, his guardian became Samuel Donnell. On November 22, 1824, a Quarter Session in the Guilford court House in the Town of Greensboro occurred where William (an" infant"), represented by Samuel Donnelly, was suing his step mother (Mary) for damages of two hundred dollars. On May 19, 1830, after coming to age, William discharged Samuel Donnelly as his guardian. [Note: based on the year of his father's death (1821) and when William reached adulthood 1830) , he would have been ~12 when his father died.]

e) Andrew Cunningham: (Married: Elizabeth Waddington, on 19 February 1849 in Guilford County, North Carolina) Born:1812 [Note: ~1812 according to when he no longer had a guardian]; Died: 1880 (Lived in Greensboro, N.C.); Miscellaneous: After the death of his father, he had several different guardians over time including Adam Mitchell, Samuel Mitchell, and William Pritchett. In 1833, he reached adulthood (age 21) and no longer had a guardian. This link shows guardian paperwork and William Pritchett's letter to the court stating Andrew had reached adulthood.

f) Elizabeth Cunningham: (Married: Christopher Brown, 1835) Born: ?; Died: ? ; Miscellaneous: After the death of her father, her guardian became Ervin Donnelly (#53), her brother-in-law. She remained under his guardianship for ~ 14 years until she married C. Brown in 1835. This link shows guardian paperwork for Elizabeth and a letter to the court stating Elizabeth had married and was no longer Ervin Donnelly's ward.

g) Nancy Cunningham: Born: 1817 (1818). Died: 1828; Miscellaneous: Died single After the death of her father, her guardian became James Find ley. At the time of her father's death, she would have been only about 4 years of age.] (Much of the information about Hannah’s siblings in black above by Russell Leach's (#3) genealogical research, has been verified by Susan Snyder (#2). Reference source for verification is History of Buffalo Presbyterian Church And Her People, Greensboro, N. C. by Rev. S. M. Rankin, 1934, p. 23-24. Note: All of these siblings are mentioned by name in Hannah's father's will except for Isabella and John who had predeceased him. By clicking on "guardian" for Polly, William, Andew, Elizabeth, and Nancy, you can examine their guardianship court records (Source of turquoise print above: Find a grave memorial #114361501 for Mary (Polly) Mitchell).]



The 1810 Census for Guilford County, North Carolina lists John Cunningham (Hannah's father) with his family of 10 and a total of 26 people in his household. Details are shown at the link. [Note: Hannah is probably listed as one of the two "Free White Females Under 10." She would have been ~9 in 1810 when the census was taken. ]

When Hannah's father wrote his will in 1820, he named Hannah's husband, Ervin Donnell (#53) as one of the three executors of his estate. After the death of her father in 1821, Hannah's husband became the guardian for her two sisters, Elizabeth (unknown age) and Polly (age 16).

Ervin and Hannah had four sons: John Cunningham Donnell (#27), Daniel Donnell, William Milton Donnell, and Robert H. Donnell, and two daughters: Polly Donnell and Nancy E. Donnell. All six children are mentioned in Ervin's will at this link.

Below: Hannah’s tombstone at Buffalo Presbyterian Church in Greensboro, North Carolina. This photograph was taken on 30 September 2005. GPS: 36° 06.5.93 minutes N, 79° 46.782 minutes W. The engraving on the stone was transcribed by this webmaster and is shown to the right of the photograph.



DIED APRIL 2, 1844.


Lifetime Events Summary for Hannah Cunningham:

Hannah's age
War of 1812
~11 - 14
Age at Mother's Death
Children's births
~ 1820 - 1843
~19 - 43
Age at Father's Death


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