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80. Elizabeth Weidman (Maria Elizabetha Weidman) (Mariah Elizabetha Weidman) (Married: John Ad. (Adam) Householder (Johan Adam Householder) (Hans Adam Haushalter)(John Adam Hausshaeter)(#79) (Maude Householder Baker (a distant relative of the webmaster Susan Snyder (#2)) says Maria E. Weidman married John in 1743) (Early Lutheran Baptisms and Marriages in Southeastern Pennsylvania states that Maria Elizabetha Weidman married John Adam Hausshalter on 17 October 1743 in Warwick, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania).(According to Pennsylvania, Church Records-Adams, Berks, and Lancaster Counties, 1729-1881, the ceremony took place on October 17, 1743, the minister was Reverend Casper Stoever and the ceremony took place in a Dutch Reformed Church at Conewago, Adams, Pennsylvania ). "The marriage of Johan Adam Householder and Maria Elizabetha Weidman was one of the first marriages listed in the church book of the Warwick Congregation. Rev. Stoever began the Warwick church book in 1743 which was the same year that the Warwick Congregation was likely established." (Source: The Householder Genealogy: Householder, Housholder, Haushalter,Volumes 1-2, Jane Farrell Burgess, 1987., p. 22.)


Born: about 1720, (1723) in Berks County, (in Lancaster, Pennsylvania;) 17 October 1723 in Lancaster Pennsylvania; 28 January 1729 in Germany, according to; of Matthias Weidman (#159) & Elizabeth Overholtz or Catherine Unknown (#160). [Note, nothing in red on this page has been verified].

Died: 1780(1766) in Pennsylvania according to
[Note: She had to have died after the birth of her last child (Anna Maria) Householder, in 1765.


[Her siblings, if any, are unknown.]



"Johan Adam Householder (#79) was the only person with that surname reported on that voyage of the Friendship to Philadelphia. However, his brother, Johan George Householder, may have accompanied Johan Adam Householder on the voyage. As well, Margaretha Householder and Elizabetha Householder may have also been on this 1739 voyage of the Friendship. Since the ship list only contained males..." (Source: The Householder Genealogy: Householder, Housholder, Haushalter, Volumes 1-2, Jane Farrell Burgess, 1987., p. 21.) [Note: Margaretha was Johan's sister. If Elizabetha (Johan's future wife) was on the ship, her last name was Weidman, not Householder, since she did not marry Johan until 1743, 4 years after the ship's arrival.]

Elizabeth and her husband had 10 children: John Adam Householder, Andrew Adam Householder, Maria Barbara Householder, Mathias Householder, Elizabeth Householder, Christian Householder, Eve Householder, Catharina Householder, Maria Margaret Householder (#40), and Anna Maria Householder. (Source of turquoise information: Johan Adam Householder(#79)'s Will and transcription and additions by Gary Housholder)]


Lifetime Events Summary for Elizabeth Weidman:

Elizabeth's age
Birth of Children
1744 - 1765
Birth of daughter Maria Householder (#40)
Revolutionary War
1775 - 1783


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