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2,086. Mary Wilton (Married Samuel Marshall (#2,085) on May 6, 1652 at Windsor, Connecticut) (Source of all purple information on this page is from James Cox Brady and his ancestry, by Louis Effingham De Forest, New York: De Forest Publishing Co., 1933 p. 269 & 386.).


Born: ? of David Wilton (#4,171) and Katherine___ (#4,172).

Died: August 25, 1683 at Windsor, Connecticut.


[She had no siblings.]

Miscellaneous Information:

"Mary Wilton, the date of whose birth is not known, was first mentioned in the records of the Colony in June, 1648..."

"In 1676, his [Samuel Marshall's] widow [Mary] contributed 8s 6d to the Connecticut fund for the relief of the poor of other colonies. On October 12, 1676, at the request of David Wilton (#4,171) [Mary's father], on behalf of Captain Marshall's widow, the General Court appointed Captain Newberry (#2,087) to make up the accounts with Marshall's debtors and creditors. On May 10, 1677, 'This Court grants the Widow Marshall or Mr. Cutts his agent liberty to transport twenty pownds worth of leather, for the answering of a dept due from the sayd Widdow to Mr. Cutts his estate,' and on October 13, 1677, 'Vpon the petition of Mary Marshall wid: the relict and administratrix with the will annexed of Captn Samuel Marshall of Windsor, slaine in the late war deceased,' requesting permission to sell enough land to pay the debts owed by the testator, the Court appointed a committee consisting of Captain John Allyn [Note: He was the brother of Mary Allyn (#2,088), Newberry's wife], Captain Benjamin Newberry (#2,087), Captain Daniel Clarke [Note: He was Benjamin Newberry (#2,087) 's sister Mary Newberry's husband], Lieutenant John Maudsley, and Lieutenant David Wilton #4,175), to set aside the widow's thirds, and then to sell enough land to cover the debts. In 1718 a grant of one hundred acres was made to Thomas Marshall, a son, for the services of Captain Samuel Marshall."

Samuel and Mary had 9 children: Samuel (#1,043), Lydia, Thomas, David, Thomas, Mary, Eliakim, John, and Elizabeth.


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