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2,088. Mary Allyn (Married Benjamin Newberry (#2,087) on 11 June 1646 at Windsor, Connecticut) (Source of all purple information on this page is from James Cox Brady and his ancestry, by Louis Effingham De Forest, New York: De Forest Publishing Co., 1933 p. 44, 325.)


Born: in or about 1628, probably in or near Braunton, county Devon, England Matthew Allyn (#4,175) and Margaret Wyott (#4,176)

Died: 14 December 1703


[Her siblings included:

John Allyn: (Married 1: Ann Smith [daughter of Henry Smith of Springfield, Massachusetts] on 19 November 1651; 2: Hannah (Lamberton) Welles [daughter of George Lamberton of New Haven, Connecticut, and widow of Samuel Welles of Wethersfield, Connecticut] after 1675] Born: ? Baptized at Braunton, county Devon, England, 24 February 1630; Died: 6 (according to his gravestone) or 11 (according to the town record) November 1696 at Hartford. He held the rank of lieutenant-colonel, then the highest military rank in the colony.

Thomas Allyn: (Married Abigail Warham [daughter of Reverend John Warham] on 21 October 1658 at Windsor, Connecticut); Born: ? probably in or near Braunton, county Devon, England; Died: 14 February 1695/6 at Windsor.]


Miscellaneous Information:

"She was admitted as a member of the church at Windsor, April 1, 1655, and her husband joined the same church, April 11, 1658."


Mary and Benjamin had 9 children: Mary, Sarah, Hannah, Rebecca (#1,044), Thomas, Abigail, Margaret, Benjamin, and Hannah.


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