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1,043. Samuel Marshall (Married Rebecca Newberry (#1,044) at Windsor, Connecticut on 22 June 1675.) The source for all information in purple is James Cox Brady and his ancestry, by Louis Effingham De Forest, New York: De Forest Publishing Co., 1933 p. 272, 275 - 276:


Born: 27 May, 1653 at Windsor, Connecticut of Samuel Marshall (#2,085) and Mary Wilton (#2,086). He was baptized there on 7 February 1657.

Died: ?


[His siblings included:

Lydia Marshall: (Married: Captain Joseph Hawley [son of Thomas Hawley] on 24 September 1676) Born: 18 February, 1655 at Windsor, Connecticut; Died: ?;

Thomas Marshall: Born: 23 April 1659 at Windsor, Connecticut; Died: before 1674;

David Marshall: (Married Abigail Phelps [daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Griswold) Phelps] on 9 December 1686) Born: 24 July 1661 at Windsor, Commecticut; Died: ?

Thomas Marshall: (Married Mary Drake [daughter of John and Hannah (Moore) Drake] on 3 March 1685/6 in Windsor ) Born: 18 February 1663 at Windsor, Connecticut; Died: 8 November 1735;

Mary Marshall: Born: 8 May 1667 at Windsor, Connecticut; Died: at the age of nine. She attended the school in Northampton, Massachusetts taught by her brother-in-law, Joseph Hawley. It was the first school there taught by a man which was attended by girls. The tuition for girls was 4 d or 6 d a week.

Eliakim Marshall: (Married Sarah Leete [daughter of John and Mary (Chittenden) Leete on 23 August 1704) Born: 10 July 1669 at Windsor, Connecticut; Died: ?

John Marshall: (Married Abigail ? in or before 1693) Born: 10 April 1672 at Windsor, Connecticut; Died: ?

Elizabeth Marshall: Born: 27 September 1674 at Windsor, Connecticut; Died:? ]


Miscellaneous Information:

As quoted from James Cox Brady and his ancestry, by Louis Effingham De Forest, New York: De Forest Publishing Co., 1933 p. 334 - 337: "His grandfather, David Wilton, lived at Northampton, Massachusetts, and it is said that Samuel Marshall settled there in 1663 or 1664. Although 'settled' is a curious word to use about a child of ten or eleven years, it seems improbable that his father, Samuel Marshall, removed to Northampton (during King Philip's War he was 'quartered' at Wilton's house there), and it is easy to suppose that it is Samuel Marshall who went to live with his grandfather. Wilton had had only one daughter, and was a man of position and means, and it was very natural for him to wish to have his eldest grandson with him. At his death in February, 1677/8, Wilton left most of his real estate in Northampton to Samuel Marshall. In 1672/3 contributions were made by the inhabitants of Northampton to Harvard College, and Samuel Marshall gave 2 s to the cause of education."

Marshall "is said to have served as a soldier from Northampton in King William's War, which was fought between 1688 and 1698, but the details of his service are not known. In 1690 Marshall was freeman."


Samuel and Rebecca had 7 children: Mary, Samuel, Abigail, Sarah, Preserved, Lydia, and Mercy (#522).



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