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522. Mercy/Mary Marshall (Married Mark Noble (#521) on 10 April 1698 in Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts.) (Source: International Genealogical Index: Actual text "Mary or Mercy Marshall; Female, Death" 12 May 1733; Father: Samuel Marshall; Mother: Rebecca Newberry; Spouse: Mark Noble; Marriage: 1698 Of, Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts; Film Number: 184200; Page Number 72; Reference number: 1659.") "The marriage record gives her the name of Mary, while her father, in his will, calls her Mercy." (Source: History and Genealogy of the Family of Thomas Noble of Westfield, Massachusetts with Genealogical Notes of Other Families By The Name Of Noble, compiled by Lucius M. Boltwood, Hartford, Conn. Press of the Case, Lockwood & Brainard Company. 1878.)


Born: about 1672 in Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts; 1677 in Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, 1674 in Hampshire Co, Northampton, Massachusetts; May 1676 in Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts of Samuel Marshall (#1,043) and Rebecca Newberry (#1,044) of Northampton, Massachusetts.

Died: 12 May 1733 in Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts.


[Her siblings included:

Mary Marshall: Born: 1676 in Northampton, Hampden, Massachusetts. Died: 1676; died Young

Samuel Marshall: Born: 1679 in Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts. Died: ? ;

Abigail Marshall: Born: 1682 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts. Died: ?;

Sarah Marshall: Born: 1685 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts. Died: ;

Preserved Marshall: (Married: Mary Burt); Born: 1691 in Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts. Died: 1748 in Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut;

Lydia Marshall: Born: About 1695. Died: ?] [All purple information about siblings is from James Cox Brady and his ancestry, by Louis Effingham De Forest, New York: De Forest Publishing Co., 1933 p. 276.


Miscellaneous Information:

As quoted from James Cox Brady and his ancestry, by Louis Effingham De Forest, New York: De Forest Publishing Co., 1933 p. 343: Mark Noble married, "in 1698, Mercy Marshall, who died May 12, 1733. She is called Mary in the marriage record, but in her father's will, Mercy."

On December 23, 1703, she joined the Westfield church.

She preceded her husband in death by about 8 years.

Mark and Mercy Noble's children included Noah, Mary, Abigail, John (#261), Miriam, and Noah.


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