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970. Judith Browne (Married William Wroe (#969).

Born: 1672 of Originall Browne (#1,939 ) and Jane Brookes (#1,940) (Source of information in blue about Judith and her siblings is The Wroe and Chancellor Families Compiled by William Clarke Wroe, 1992, p. 24 ).

Died: 17??


[Her siblings, included:

Jane Browne: (Married: Nathanial Pope III in 1692, Practioner of Law, King's Attorney for Westmoreland county and later Clerk of Stafford County.) Born: Circa 1670 [Note: In 2015, this date was determined by Susan Snyder's (this webmaster) analysis of William Wroe's statement that Jane is believed to be the oldest of the four Browne Children. Jane would have to have been born before Judith.] , Died:1752.

Mary Browne: (Married 1st: Francis Triplett in 1701, Married 2nd: Captain Hugh French) Born: before February 5, 1697; Died:1734

William Browne: (Married: Hester Hales, daughter of Captain John Hales) Born:1685; Died: 1755]


Miscellaneous Information:

Judith's great-grandfather came over from England in 1634. (Source of this information is "budbomber" in an e-mai on 11 June, 2001l. "budbomber is William Clarke Wroe, author of The Wroe and Chancellor Families, 1992.

Judith and her husband had seven children: Original #485, William, Richard, Mary, Judith, Elizabeth, and Sarah. (Source of information about Original's siblings: The Wroe and Chancellor Families Compiled by William Clarke Wroe, 1992, pages 27-30).

In his will dated February 5, 1697/8, Proved - April 27, 1698, her father, Originall Browne wrote: Item I give unto my daughter Judith Roe ten Shillings of good and Lawful Money of England.


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