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1,940. Jane Brookes (Married 1st: Richard Higdon who died about 1667. Married 2nd: Originall Browne #1,939. Married 3rd: James Campbell. (Source: The Wroe and Chancellor Families Compiled by William Clarke Wroe, 1992, 18, 19, 23, 24).


Born: prior to 1650 and possibly as early as 1645 of Henry Brookes (# 3,879) and Jane Rokeby (#3,880)

Died: After April 30, 1702, when her third husband's will was proved.


[Her half siblings included the following:[She was the only child of Henry Brookes and Jane Rokeby]

Lydia Brookes: (Married: Lawrence Abbington about 1660). Born: circa 1640 in St. Mary's County, Maryland of Henry Brookes and Joane Saxton; Died: ?

Dorothy Brookes: (Married: Perhaps to Thomas Langford): Born: of Henry Brookes and Joane Saxton, Died: ?

Emanual Brookes: Born: ?; Died: ? [Note: William Clarke Wroe (1992) found accounts of Emanuel, but was unable to confirm his existance.]

David Wickliffe, Jr.: (Married: Mary (nee Sisson) after 1677 in Virginia.) Born: circa 1637 in St. Mary's County, Maryland of Jane Rokeby and David Wickliffe; Died: ?

Alice Wickliffe: Born: ? of Jane Rokeby and David Wickliffe; Died: ?

Robert Wickliffe: Born: ? of Jane Rokeby and David Wickliffe; Died: ?]


Miscellaneous Information:

The Virginia County Record Publications New Series Volume 1 Westmoreland County, Edited By The Late William Armstrong Crozier, (Editor of the Virginia County Records etc. etc.) and published posthumously by Mrs. Wm. Armstrong Crozier, Published in 1913, page 10 states:

"BROWN, ORIGINAL, 5 Feb. 1697-8; 27 April 1698
Daughter Jane Pope; daughter Judith Roe; dau. Mary Brown at age of 16; son William; Law. Abbington; wife Jane extx."

Originall and Jane had four children: Jane, Mary, Judith #970, and William. (Source of information about their children is The Wroe and Chancellor Families Compiled by William Clarke Wroe, 1992, chart p.16, 19 ).

"Original Browne had a considerable amount of land in Westmoreland County. On September 28, 1671, his father gave him 200 acres, representing half of the plantation on which he then lived. This was about the same time as Original's second marriage, to Jane Brookes."

"The land holdings of Original Browne continued to grow. On April 4, 1678, he received a patent for 200 acres, 'Beginning at land of John Willis; along [the property of] Mr. Foxhall; to Ned the Indians path, and along [the property of] Lt. Col. John Washington...' for having transported four persons. " [Note: It was the policy of Virgina to award gifts of 50 acres to each new settler as well as a similar gift for the person who brought him. The title to public land granted to a person by the government is called a patent.]

"The will of Original Browne contains some very unusual conditions. The third from last item of this will seems to imply that Original believed his wife (then Jane nee Brookes) might attempt to defraud his children of their inheritance. Although most genealogists having knowledge of the family state that Jane was the mother of all his children, a few have interpreted this to suggest that perhaps Jane was not their natural mother; that they may have been born during his first marriage, to Mary Butler. This controversy has been compounded by the fact that Mary's date of death is unknown; the date of marriage to Jane is unknown; and the exact dates of birth of the childrn are unknown. There is one document, however, which appears to resolve the matter, at least insofar as William Browne is concerned. It is a deposition made in the Westmoreland County Court by William Browne in which he refers to Jane Brookes as his mother. This does not preclude the possibility that the younger children may have had a different mother. It is my position that Jane was the mother of all the children; however, some future research may prove otherwise"). (Source of this quote is The Wroe and Chancellor Families Compiled by William Clarke Wroe, 1992, p. 24 ).

"After Captain Original Browne died, Jane, his widow, married a third time to James Cambell. Even if left with large estates, women of colonial times most often remarried, repeatedly. Jane outlived here third husband, James Campbell, whose will was proved April 30, 1702, but beyound that, we do not know the date of her death."


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