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243. William Hyrum Wroe (Married Grace Chancellor (#244) in February 1758 in Culpepper, Fredrick, Virginia)


Born: 15 September 1729 in (Frederick) Westmoreland County, Virginia of Original Wroe (#485) and Elener ___ (#486). (The source of all Information in blue on this page is The Wroe and Chancellor Families Compiled by William Clarke Wroe, 1992.) (p. 183 states that this date of Williams birth and birthplace are recorded in the Wroe Family Bible)

Died: will dated 18 January 1781. His will was probated 27 November 1781 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. (Source of the purple information is p. 76 in Virginia County Record Publications Volume 1 Westmoreland County, published in 1913).


[His siblings included:

John Wroe: (Married Sarah ___) Born: 21 April 1721 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Died: 14 June 1783 Miscellaneous: He lived in Lunenberg Parish, Richmond, Virginia; he was a lieutenant in the Richmond County Militia in 1776. When John's father died, the will indicated that John was held in extreme disfavor by his father. "I give to my son John one shilling nothing more."

Jane Wroe: Born: 19 December 1723 in Westmoreland, Virginia, Died: prior to 1771; Miscellaneous: Since she is not mentioned in her father's will, she likely died before then; she may have died at an early age; even in infancy.

Elener Wroe: Born: 8 December 1726 in Westmoreland, Virginia, Died: 8 October 1728;

Reginald Wroe: (Married: Unknown Name) Born: 19 August 1732 in Westmoreland, Virginia, Died: before 1783; Miscellaneous: He had two sons.


His half siblings (their mother was Jane Lyne) included:

Ellen Wroe: Born: 12 March 1736; Died: 9 April 1737 at the age of one year,

Richard Wroe: (Married: Rebecca (Rebeckah) Chancellor in 1760) Born: 3 April 1738 in Westmoreland County, Virginia, Died: 18 September 1813;

Judith Wroe: (Married: William Robert Briggs in 1760 in Westmoreland County, Virginia) Born: 18 November 1740 in Westmoreland County, Virginia, Died: April 1815 in Bardstown, Kentucky; Miscellaneous: She and her husband had 12 children. Her oldest son, David is mentioned in her father's will.

Elizabeth Wroe: (Married: Thomas Scott) Born: 4 August 1743 Died: ? ;

Thomas Wroe: (Married: Katherine Chancellor about 1764, then he married Sarah Tyler in 1784) Born: 10 January 1745 in Westmoreland County, Virginia Died: 1812 in Columbia County, Georgia ;

Susannah Wroe: (Married: John Edwards) Born:1 May 1748 in Westmoreland County, Virginia Died: 1833 in Kentucky; Miscellaneous: John and Susannah had 11 children. Her husband [1748-1834], concerned about the future of the state, was one of the first two United States Senators elected from Kentucky in 1792-1795; As a highly regarded torch-bearer for pro-slavery factions, he had an important role in the writing of the first Kentucky Constitution. In 1799, [at the age of 51] he sold a "molatto " woman, aged 22 to Jesse Williams. Her name was Preciller Johnson. Jesse Williams immedately filed a Deed of Emancipation, freeing Preciller from slavery. In 1800, John deeded everything he owned to Susannah and some of his children and moved to Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. There, he and Priscilla Johnson appear on the tax rolls for 1821, 1822, and 1823. John and Preciller purchased land in 1826, 1827,1834, and 1836. In his will, written in 1832, after obligations were satisfied, John wanted to give one fourth of his estate to his daughter, Jane Bealle, and one fourth to his son Majr. John Edwards Junior. The other half, he left to Preciller Johnson and her children. "which I have adopted as mine...".

Benjamin Wroe: (Married Sarah Chancellor in 1773) Born: 2 January 1750 in Westmoreland County, Virginia, Died: in late 1818 or early 1819;

Lucettah (Lucy) Wroe: (Married John Weedon) Born: 4 July 1753 in Westmoreland County, Virginia Died: 1823 in Fauquier County, Virginia Miscellaneous: John Weedon was a private during the Revolutionary War. He also contributed supplies to the Revolutionary Army.] ) (Source of all blue sibling information is The Wroe and Chancellor Families Compiled by William Clarke Wroe, 1992) [Note: William, and three of his step brothers married four Chancellor sisters.]

Miscellaneous: According to The Wroe and Chancellor Families Compiled by William Clarke Wroe, 1992, p. 183, William H. Wroe was the fourth child, the second son, of Original Wroe and his first wife Elenor.

"From his father, Original Wroe (#485), Gentleman, William Wroe inherited a valuable estate in both land and personal property, the latter consisting largely of Negro slaves. In his father's will, William had inherited land in Westmoreland, and Culpeper counties. Along with the Westmoreland property (later to become part of King George County) his father had also bequeathed, 'to my above named two sons William and Richard Wroe my grist mill and appurtenances to them and their heirs forever and my still.'"

"William Wroe resided in Westmoreland County during the Revolutionary War and is mentioned as having given various supplies to the Continental Army. It appears that he also had some active service during the Revolutionary War, since the name appears in the Public Claims accounts of King George County, Virginia, as Capt. William Wroe. In addition to the plantation which William Wroe owned in his own right, he evidently also managed the plantation of the Honorable Robert Carter. One notation indicates that on March 21, 1777, Robert Carter addressed Mr. William Wroe as manager of his plantation below Nomony Hall called 'The Old Ordinary' and indicates he is empowered to settle accounts there, etc."

"Another notation states: 'To the Honorable Robert Carter - Sir: Please let Mr. Shoats have credit for sixteen shillings and three pence and charge it to me and when I deliver the corn and wheat, I will settle it with you and you will greatly oblige. (signed) Your humble Servant, William Wroe, April 26th 1774."

The Virginia County Record Publications New Series Volume 1 Westmoreland County, Edited By The Late William Armstrong Crozier, (Editor of the Virginia County Records etc. etc.) and published posthumously by Mrs. Wm. Armstrong Crozier, Published in 1913, page 76 states:

"WROE, WILLIAM,18 Jan. 1781; 27 Nov. 1781.
Son Original land in King George; son William land in Culpeper; my six children William, Katherine, Elenor, Rebecca, Jenny and Gracey; wife Grace."

An original copy of William's will can be obtained at the Westmoreland Co. court records. A copy of the will appears in Appendix #26, page 511 of The Wroe and Chancellor Families Compiled by William Clarke Wroe, 1992, and is shown below:

Will of William Wroe, January 18, 1781:
" In the name of God Amen I William Wroe of Westmoreland County and Parish of Washington, Planter, being very sick and Low, and in P
erfect sence and memory, thanks be to Almighty God, but calling to mind the Transitory Estate of man, and all flesh must yield to Death when it shall Please God to Call him, I therefore make and ordain this to be my last Will & Testament in manner and form Following: First and Principally I bequeath my Soul into the hands of Almighty God not doubting; but trusting through the Merits & Mediation of Jesus Christ my Savior, to be forgiven for all my sins, and as for my body, to be buried according to the discression of my Executor hereafter named and in a decent and Christian like manner, and as for my worldly Estate which it hath pleased God to bless me with I give & bequeath as followeth. Imprimis I give and bequeath to son Original Wroe all my land in King George County, to him and his heirs forever; and if he die without heirs Lawfully Begotten, then the land to descend to my son William Wroe; I give to my son Original Wroe one negro man known by the name of Dick & one feather bed and furniture; I give and bequeath to my son William Wroe my Tract of land in Culpepper County to him and his heirs forever, and also the first Colt that shall be foaled from my Beasts; Now, I give and bequeath unto my loving wife all my Estate that is not given, and if she should marry or die then the whole of my estate to be sold and Equally divided among Rebeckah, Jenny & Gracey; I do appoint my wife and son Original Wroe Executrix and Excr. of this my last will and testament, revolking and annulling all other Wills by me made in witness whereof I have set my hand and affixed my seal this 18th day of January 1781.
William Wroe SEAL.

John Tancil
Henry Roe
Daniel Hubly

At a Court held for Westmoreland County the 27th day of November 1781 this will was proved according to Law by the Oath of John Tancil, Henry Roe & Daniel Hubly the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded, and on the motion of Grace Wroe and Original Wroe the Executors therein named who made Oath thereto according to Law and together with John Tancil and Thomas Wroe their securities entered into and acknowledged Bond with Condition as the Law directs Certificate is granted them for obtaining a Probate thereof, in due form.


Richard Bernard, Clk."

p. 76 in Virginia County Record Publications Volume 1 Westmoreland County, published in 1913 states WROE, WILLIAM, 18 Jan. 1781; 27 Nov. 1781. Son Original land in King George; son William land in Culpeper; my six children William, Katherine (#122), Elenor, Rebecca, Jenny and Gracey; wife Grace.


Unhappily, when he died, William evidently had not settled all accounts with Robert Carter, who addressed the following letter to William's widow, Grace, and his son Original Wroe, who were William's executors.

'To/Mrs. Grace Wroe

Mr. Original Wroe

Executors of William Wore, deceased

In May 1784 I put a copy of my claim against the Estate of y late husband and father amounting to (pounds) 13.10.4 and (pounds) 13 Crop Tobacco into the hands of Mr. Smith, subsheriff of Westmoreland County, impowering him to collect the same and interest thereon from December 31, 1781 till paid or to obtain your Bond.

I have been advised lately that you have refused to execute bond for the demand mentioned above under apprehension of being sued, if you should pass any such bond immediately. I herein declare I had no such intention, but I now inform you that I have proved my account and if you continue to refuse to execute a bond for principal and interest included I shall put the said proved account into the hands of an attorney. If you should execute a bond immediately payment thereof shall not be required till one whole year be ended from the date thereof.

I am

Your humble servant

Robert Carter.'

The court record did not indicate whether or not there was compliance but, had there not been, no doubt further action would have been set forth."

William Hyrum Wroe and his wife Grace Chancellor had seven children: Original (Originall), William, Catherine (Katherine) (#122), Eleanor, Rebecca, Jane Chancellor, and Grace.


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