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191. Joseph Caldwell (Married ?)

Born: ? of Unknown Father (#381) and Unknown Mother (#382)

Died: ?

[His siblings, if any, are unknown:]

Miscellaneous: Joseph and his wife were living in Virginia by 22 May 1770 or by 22 May 1778 when their child Susanna Caldwell (#96).
was born.[Source of Susanna's birth: Ross County, Ohio, Early Families Vol. IV by Ross County Genealogical Society: 1998, p. 161 & 311, Ohio Historical Society, compiled by John Gray, P.O. Box 86, Mount Victory, Ohio 43340] (Source of Susanna's birth: Mary Hammersmith. On December 5, 2002, Mary Hammersmith (descended from Nancy McCutchen, daughter of John and Susanna (Caldwell) McCutchen) wrote in an e-mail to Susan Leach Snyder (#2), “I think I can help you with this. I am descended from John McCutchen and wife Susanna Caldwell, who had an inn on the northern edge of Kingston on the Ross-Pickaway County border. I have a copy of the old McCutchen Bible. Besides, my grandmother, b. 1856, corresponded with her cousin (Mary L. Kirkham) about these families, and the same data as is in the bible was in their letters.)


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