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234. Barbara Crites (Kreutz) (Married Hans Jacob Reager (#233). [The source of the orange information is an e-mail from Jim Reagor on 17 June 2009.The source of purple information: Decendants of Hans Jacob Rueger by Henry Koffman (Reger Family Genealogist) via Internet posting)Source of wine colored information: Reger WV Tree on posted by Larwvusa.]


Born: 6 June 1736 in Holland of (Hans Kritz) Philip Crites Sr. (#467) and Isabella (Isabelah) Sivelo (#468)

Died: 23 November 1814 at the age of 78 in Burnersville, Barbour County, West Virginia.



[Her siblings, if any, are unknown.]



Hans Kritz (Crites) (#467), a German immigrant, arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Osgood in 1750. [Click the ship's name for an account of the passage.] His daughter, Barbary (Barbara) Crites was with him. [Note: According to Greg Peterman's Ship Osgood Passenger List, the ship departed from Rotterdam, Netherlands, then Cowes, England and arrived in Philadelphia on 29 September 1750. Susan Snyder was unable to locate a Kritz or Crites name on this list.]

Barbara and her husband had three children, Philip Reager, Anthony Reger (Reager) (#117), and one other son (name is not known). (Source: Notes of Gwen Reger, Reger Family Historian). Another source says Barbara and Hans Jacob had 11 children: Anna Reger, Anthony Reger (Reager) #(117), Jacob Jr. Reger, Philip Reger, John Reger, Elizabeth Reger, Abraham Reger, Barbara Reger, Mary Reger, Isaac Reger, and Catherine Reger.


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