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117. Anthony Reger: (Married:Anna Susanna (Susannah) Simmons (#118) in 1789. [The source of the orange information is an e-mail from Jim Reagor on 17June 2009. The source of wine colored information: Reger WV Tree on posted by Larwvusa). The source of purple information: Decendants of Hans Jacob Rueger by Henry Koffman (Reger Family Genealogist) via Internet posting)]


Born: 1760/1762 in (1760 in Moorefield, Hampshire County, Virginia), Hampshire County, Virginia of Hans Jacob Reager (#233) and Barbara Crites (Kreutz) (#234).


Died: on 24 April 1806 (1808 in Harrison County, Virginia) in Upshur County Virginia. He is buried at Red Rock Cemetery in Upshur County, West Virginia.


[His siblings included the following:

a) Anna Reger:(Married: John Bozwarth); Born: ? in Hardy County, West Virginia; Died: 1849. Miscellaneous: In the summer of 1796, Indians attacked the Bozwarth home. John and two of their small children were killed. Anna and the other two sons were carried away by the Indians to the Indian town on the Muskingdom River. Maxwell's "History of Barbour County" says these were the last white people killed by Indians east of the Ohio River.

b) Jacob Reger Jr.: (Married: Elizabeth Henkle, another source says he never married); Born: 1765 in Hampshire County, Virginia (Now West Virginia); Died: About 1855; Miscellaneous: Another source quoted by Henry Koffman states that Jacob never married, but that he was a hunter and scout. For details click here.

c) Philip Reger: (Married #1:Sara Jackson; Married #2: Mary Jane "Dorcas" Forenash; (Married #1) Mary Bozarth, daughter of John Bozarth; Married #2: Mary Jane "Dorcas" Forinash Married #3: Rachel Vandeventer Married #4: Mary Sarah Jackson on 23 October 1788 in Randolph County, Virginia, daughter of John Jackson and Elizabeth Cummins) [Note: In 2 different parts of Henry Koffman's document, Decendants of Hans Jacob Rueger by Henry Koffman (Reger Family Genealogist) via Internet posting), he lists different names of wives, as noted above.]; Born: 1767 in Hampshire County, Virginia (Now West Virginia); Died: 18 July 1846 in the 80th year of his age in Lewis County, West Virginia;Buried: at Red Rock (Reger ) Cemetery (Source: Philip Reger Bible); Miscellaneous: Philip Reger was a private in the American Revolution. For more information about his life, click here.

d) John Reger: (Married: Elizabeth West on 19 June 1788 in Harrison County, Virginia (Now West Virginia), the daughter of Edmund West); Born: 15 January 1769 in Hardy County, Virginia (Now West Virginia); Died: 14 May 1849 in Barbour County, West Virginia. Miscellaneous: He was known as "The Hercules of the Border." For more information about his life, click here.

e) Elizabeth Reger: (Married #1:Christian Thomas Hall, Married #2: James Womsley, Married #3: Cottrell Talbot in 1788 in Randolph County, Virginia); Born: 1770 in Hardy County, Virginia (Now West Virginia) Died:?

f) Abraham Reger (Abram): (Married: Mary Reeder on 30 March 1797 in Harrison, Virginia, daughter of Joseph Reeder and Elizabeth Henderson.); Born: 23 July 1774 in Moorefield, Hampshire County, Virginia; Died: 13 June 1852 in Harrison County, (Volga, Barbour County) Virginia. He is buried at Reger Cemetery, Volga, Harrison, Virginia) Miscellaneous: He also like his brother John "Hercules of the Border" was a man of large stature and great physical strength. Although quite young, he was said to have participated in the Indian battle at Buckhannon, now West Virginia. Abraham and Mary raised a large family that included: Col. John Reger, Elizabeth Reger, Jacob Reger, Abram Reger, Reverend Hanson Reger, Anthony Reger, Mary Ann Reger, Martha Ann Reger, and Nancy Reger.

g) Barbara Reger: (Married: Samuel Jackson on 3 November 1793, son of John Jackson and Elizabeth Cummins); Born: 10 December 1775 in Hardy County, Virginia; Died: 26 October 1838 in Indiana. Miscellaneous: Her children included Isaac Jackson, Mary Jackson, Henry K. Jackson, Jacob Jackson, John Reger Jackson, and Joel Jackson.

h) Mary Reger: (Married: George Bozwarth); Born: 25 December 1777 in Hardy County, West Virginia; Died: 11 September 1838. Miscellaneous: George Bozarth and his brother John, both married sisters, Anna and Mary Reger. With their families they moved to Indiana at an early age, and were lost sight of by their Virginia friends. George and Mary's children included Anna Bozwarth, Mary "Polly" Bozwarth, and Jacob B. Bozwarth.

i) Isaac Reger: (Married: Mary Magdaline Blake on 17 December 1804 in Harison County, Virginia (Now West Virginia), daughter of Jacob Blake and Mary Slaughter); Born: 19 August 1782 on the Wappatomaka in Hampshire County, Virginia (Now West Virginia); Died: 5 August 1851 in Upshur County, West Virginia; He is buried at Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Cemetery. Miscellaneous: Isaac inherited the Reger homestead on Big Run, but in 1830 sold it, and settled on Upper Hacker's Creek, where some of his descendants still reside. Isaac, like his older brothers, was a great hunter, and had some thrilling experiences in this pursuit. Isaac and Mary had the following children: Philip Reger, Ruth Reger, Rebecca Reger, Lydia Reger, Elizabeth Reger, David Blake Reger, and Maria Reger.

j) Catherine Reger: (Married: Stephen Martin in 1805 in Harrison County, Virginia (Now West Virginia), the son of Joseph Hall and Ann Strange[Note: Stephen Martin's father (as listed here) does not have the last name of Martin.]); Born: 1784 in Hardy County, West Virginia; Died:1864 in Burnersville, Barbour County, West Virginia. Miscellaneous: Catherine and Stephen's children included: Mary Martin, Isaac Martin, Joel Martin, Gideon Martin, Noah Martin, Edith Martin, Rebecca Martin, Anna Martin, Barbara Martin, George Washington Martin, Irene Martin, and Elizabeth Martin.]



The Virginia, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1607 - 1890 posted at lists Anthony Regar as living in Hampshire County, VA in township 01 00 in 1782 on the Continental Census page 25.

Anthony Reger was a Volunteer in the Patriot Army , Revolution. He was commissioned an Ensign April 16, 1777 in Captain Silas Zane's Company, 15th Virginia Regiment under Colonel William Russell. It is not known for what length of time the young ensign enlisted, nor can anything be learned of his army career. He doubtless saw active service, judging from the fighting record of his commanding officers.

The purple paragraph immediately above is verified in a document posted on, West Virginians in the American Revolution:" REGER, ANTHONY (Ensign) Anthony Reger, son of Jacob Reger, first lived in Hampshire County and later in Barbour County. He enlisted in the Revolutonary Army, April 16, 1777, and was commissioned an ensign in Captain Silas Zone's company under Colonel William Russell in the 13th or 15th Virginia Regiment."

The History of Upshur County, West Virginia From its Earliest Exploration and Settlement to the Present Time by William Bernard Cutright, 1907, pages 543 -545, has a family history of John Reger Sr., Anthony Reger's brother. On Page 545, there is a reference to Anthony having fought in the Revolutionary War. To read this documentation, click here.

Anna and Anthony had five children: Anthony Reger Jr., Henry Reger (#59), Philip Reger, Rachel Reger, and Saul Reger.


Lifetime Events Summary for Anthony Reger:

Anthony's age
Revolutionary War
1775 - 1783
15 - 23
Marriage to Anna Simmons
Birth of his children
1791 - 1799
31 - 39
~ 1796
Death of Father


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