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2,084. Joanna Searle (Married William Warriner (#2,083) on 31 July 1639.) (Source of all purple information on this page is from James Cox Brady and his ancestry, by Louis Effingham De Forest, New York: De Forest Publishing Co., 1933 p. 372. Brady used History of Springfield as a main resource of his study.


Born: ? of an Unknown Father (#4167) and Unknown Mother (#4168)

Died: 12 September 1660


[Her siblings included:

John Searle: Born: ? Died: ? He was of Springfield.]


Miscellaneous Information:

"According to the author of the Warriner Genealogy, the name should be read Joanna Scant, and the date of death, February 7, 1660/1. - a variant reading of 7th, 12th, 1660. In the case of these two conflicting readings of the entries, the name and the date, it seems that the author of History of Springfield, whose version is herein given, had probably wider experience with the chirography and manner of dating of the town clerks."

William and Joanna had 3 children: James, Hannah (#1,042), and Joseph.


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