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1,042. Hannah Warriner (Married Thomas Noble (#1,041) on September 1, 1660 in Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts; then she married Medad Pomeroy [son of Eltweed Pomeroy] of Northampton on 24 January 1704/5.)


Born: 17 August 1643, in Springfield, Massachusetts, of William Warriner (#2,083) and Joanna Searle (#2,084).

Died: before 12 May 1721.


[Her siblings, included:

James Warriner: (Married: 1) Elizabeth Baldwin [daughter of Joseph Baldwin- note: after William Warriner (James' father) died, Joseph Baldwin married James' father's widow, Elizabeth (Gibbon) (Hitchcock) Warriner] on 31 March 1664 at Hadley, Massacusetts; 2) Sarah Alvord [daughter of Alexander Alvord] on 10 July 1689 at Springfield, Massachusetts; 3) Mary (Graves) (Ball) Stebbins [daughter of John Graves of Hadley, Massachusetts, and the widow of Samuel Ball of Springfield, and of Benjamin Stebbins] on 29 December 1704 at Springfield; Massachusetts Born: 21 January 1640 at Springfield, Massachusetts. Died: 14 May 1727 at Springfield, Massachusetts.

Joseph Warriner: (Married: 1) Mary Montague [daughter of Richard Montague] on 25 November 1668; 2) Sarah (Tibballs) Collins [daughter of Thomas Tibbals of Milford, Connecticut, and the widow of Daniel Collins] on 12 July 1691 at Enfield or Springfield ) Born: 6 February 1644/5 at Springfield, Massachusetts; Died: 21 April 1697 at Enfield at 52 years of age.] The source for the information about Hannah's siblings is James Cox Brady and his ancestry, by Louis Effingham De Forest, New York: De Forest Publishing Co., 1933 p. 376.


Miscellaneous Information:

As quoted from James Cox Brady and his ancestry, by Louis Effingham De Forest, New York: De Forest Publishing Co., 1933 p. 336-337

"He [Thomas Noble] married at Springfield, Massachusetts, on September 1, 1660, Hannah Warriner, who was born at Springfield, August 17, 1643.

Thomas and Hannah had 10 children: John, Hannah, Thomas, Matthew, Mark (#521), Elizabeth, Luke, James, Mary, and Rebecca.

"Thomas Noble made his will May 11, 1677. It was probated September 5, 1704. In it he left land to his sons, Thomas, Matthew, Mark, Luke, James, and John, and £20 a piece to his daughters, Hannah, Elizabeth, Mary, and Rebecca, and also a cow to be given each of them after marriage. He made bequests to his 'brother, James Warriner,' and his wife, Hannah. The inventory of his estate was taken February 18, 1703/4, and included a hundred and sixty-six and a half acres of land, his house, barn and homestead, the buildings on the farm, and cattle and personal estate. He died at Westfield, January 20, 1703/4."

"She united with the Westfield, Massachusetts, church, on November 11, 1680. After the death of Thomas Noble, at Westfield, Massachusetts, on January 20, 1703/4, she married as her second husband, on January 24, 1704/5, Medad Pomeroy. The Westfield church records show that 'Sister Noble, wife of brother Thomas Noble, being married again to Mr. Medad Pomeroy of Northampton, and settled with him there, was dismissed to Northampton, about the end of April, 1705.' Pomeroy died at Northampton, Massachusetts, December 30, 1716, at the age of seventy-eight, and in his will provided that his wife 'shall have liberty to choose what cow shee will out of ye cows wch I shall then have, to be her own, and alsoe to have returned to her all such things as she brought.' She died before May 12, 1721."


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