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2,050. Elizabeth (Mileham?) (Married Lawrence Leach (#2,049) (The source of pink information about Lawrence is The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, New York by Frank J. Doherty, Pleasant Valley, New York 12569, 2003) p 911). Her last name is unverified by


Born: ? of Unknown Father (#4,099) and Unknown Mother (#4,100)

Died: ca. 1674 (The Primary source of this date is Lawrence Leach of Salem and Some of His Descendants, by F. Phelps Leach of East Highgate, Vermont)


[Her siblings, if any, are unknown]


Miscellaneous Information:

She and her husband had 10 children: Robert, Clement, John, Margaret, Ambrose, Richard, Edmund, Rachel, James (#1,025), and Giles.


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