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1,092. Patience (Passchyntgen) Hurst (Married : Henry Cobb (#1,091) probably at Plymouth, likely between July Septemer 1631 before June 7, 1632 when their son John was born. (Source of the information in green is "Find A Grave": Created by Shari Hanson Frey, record added: June 29, 2009, Find A Grave Memorial #38873918)(Source of the information in orange is "Find A Grave"; Created by drbuck, record added Aug 27, 2008, Find a Grave Memorial #29347942)(Source of the information in purple is: Massachusetts and More Genealogy Blog maintained by "Chris" and accessed on Dec. 11, 2015). (Source: Friends of the Pilgrims Series... Early Descendants of Henry Cobb of Barnstable, Massachusetts by Susan E. Roser)

Born: Jan, 1610 probably in Holland, ca 1610; probably in Holland (Amsterdam Municipality, Noord-Holland, Netherlands) of James Hurst (#2,183) and Gertrude (Geertrud) Bennister. (#2,184). The date of her birth is based on Lothrop's Diary. which states she was age thirty-eight when she died. [Note: John Lothrop was an English Anglican clergyman and among the first settlers of Barnstable].

Died: May 4, 1648, Buried on 4 May 1648 in Barnstable. The Barnstable Church records state she was "the first that was buryed in our new burying place by our meeting house."


[Her siblings included:

a) Jan (John) Hurst: Born: ? Died: ? ]


Miscellaneous Information:

Patience arrived in Plymouth with her father in 1631.

Sometime before June 7, 1632, when their son John was born, Patience and Henry were married, probably by late summer 1631.

They moved to Scituate in 1634. Henry and Patience were member numbers #7 & #8 at the founding of Scituate church on January 8, 1634/5. On December 15, 1635 Henry was working in the office of Deacon at Scituate. Henry and Patience moved to Barnstable in 1639. Henry was a Tavern Keeper and was licensed to draw wine at Barnstable June 5, 1644. He was ordained ruling elder of Barnstable church April 14, 1670. He served as deputy for Barnstable many times, served on juries and was also the excise tax officer. [Note: As a result of Henry's importance to his community, it is likely that Patience and the rest of the family were held in high regard.]

With Henry, Patience had seven children: 1) John Cobb (1632 - 1714) who married 1st Martha Nelson and 2nd Jane Woodward; 2) James Cobb (1634 - 1695), who married Sarah Lewis; 3) Mary Cobb (#546) (1637 - 1677), who married Jonathan Dunham; 4) Hannah Cobb (1637 - 1677), who married Edward Lewis; 5) Patience Cobb (1641 - 1727), who married 1st Robert Parker and 2nd William Crocker; 6) Gershom Cobb, who married Hannah Davis; and 7) Eliezer Cobb (1648-?). Another source states Patience had 7 children including 1) John who m. Martha Nelson; 2) James who m. Sarah Lewis; 3) Mary who m. as second wife Jonathan Dunham; 4) Hannah m. Edward Lewis; 5) Patience m. Robert Parker as his second wife; she m. 2nd William Crocker; 6) Gershom died unmarried; 7) Eliezer apparently died unmarried (all births from PCR 8:42) [Note: These two sources agree except the second source said Gershom died unmarried, while the first source says he married Hannah Davis. PCR refers to the Plymouth Colony Records.]

Patience died only five weeks after giving birth to their seventh child, Eleazer, in 1648. (Source: Early Descendants of Henry Cobb of Barnstable, Massachusetts by Susan E. Roser, Friends of the Pilgrim Series, Volume 1, 2008).

[Note: Patience predeceased her father's death by 9 years]. The will of James Hurst (#2,183), dated 10 Dec 1657, names (among others) grandchildren [Children of Patience] John Cobb, James Cobb, Gershom Cobb, Eliezer Cobb, Mary Dunham (#546), Hannah Cobb and Patience Cobb. Susan Roser (author of Early Descendants of Henry Cobb of Barnstable, Massachusetts) has a copy of a 1964 letter from the Municipal Archives in Leiden: "The only record in which James Hurst is mentioned is in the Poll-tax register. He lived in the alley next to the garden of John Robinson, with his wife Geertgen (=Margareth) and two children Jan (=John) and Passchyntgen (=Patience)." John Robinson was the Pilgrims' minister. James Hurst was a deacon of the Plymouth church and died December 1657.

Patience died five weeks after giving birth to their seventh child, Eleazer in 1648. She died at Barnstable and was buried there 4 May 1648. Barnstable church records say she was "the first that was buryed in our new burying place by our meeting house." Lothrop's diary states she was age 38 when she died, which gives her a birth year of ca 1610.She was the second person to die in BARNSTABLE, and according to Rev. Lotrop, she was "the first that was buried in our new burying place by our meeting house" [NEHGR 9:285].

"In the old cemetery on Lothrop's Hill, in Barnstable, within an enclosure about six feet square, surrounded by stone posts and iron rails, are Henry's & Patience's graves. In the center, between the two graves, stands a plain simple granite shaft about six feet in height from the base, on the front of which has been engraved the following inscription to his memory: "Elder Henry Cobb the ancestor of the Cobb Family in Barnstable. Died in 1679 --- Erected in 1871, by Enoch T. Cobb, a descendant." [Note: See images below]

Below are photographs posted at the Find A Grave website (Source of the information in green is "Find A Grave": Created by Shari Hanson Frey, record added: June 29, 2009, Find A Grave Memorial #38873918). Image 1: the Lothrop Hill Cemetery sign, Image 2: a tombstone erected in 1871 for Henry by descendent Enoch T. Cobb. Image 3: closer view of the tombstone. Image 4: stone erected by descendents of Henry and Patience and their son Samuel. [Note: Information about the names of Patience's children, as shown above, does not support the information on the stone shown in image 3. Patience and Henry did not have a sone named Samuel. Instead, Henry and his second wife, Sarah, had a son named Samuel].



DIED IN 1679
IN 1871






Lifetime Events Summary for Patience Hurst:

Patience's Age
Arrived in Plymouth
Before June 7 1632
Children's births
1632 - 1648
22 - 38
Moved to Scituate
Moved to Barnstable

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