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546. Mary Cobb (Married Jonathan Dunham (#545) on 15 October 1657 in Plymouth, Massachusetts)) (Source: Dunham Web site). She was the second wife of Jonathan Dunham. (Source: Massachusetts and More Genealogy Blog accessed on Dec. 11, 2015).(Source of the information in green is "Find A Grave": Created by Shari Hanson Frey, record added: June 29, 2009, Find A Grave Memorial #38873918)

Born: 24 March 1636/7 in Scituate, 24 March 1637 at Scituate [baptized 26 March 1637; 24 March of Henry Cobb (#1,091) of Barnstable, Massachussets & Patience Hurst (#1,092) . (Source: Kenneth Mahoney (Dunham Genealogist) in e-mail dated 7 August 2002).

Died: About 1697 in Martha’s Vineyard, Dukes, Massachusets (Another source says about 1680 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, by 28 June 1717 when she was not mentioned in her husband's will.

[Her siblings, include:

a) John Cobb:(Married 1st: Martha Nelsonon 28 April 1658 at Plymouth; Married 2nd: Jane Woodward); Born: 7 June 1632 at Plymouth, Massachusetts ; Died: 21 February 1714/15 at Plymouth. Miscellaneous: John's will, dated 4 February 1711/12, mentions his wife, Martha and children: John Cob, Patiance Bennet, Ebenezer Cob, Elisha Cob and James Cob;

b) James Cobb:(Married: Sarah Lewis (Lewis/Lewes) on 26 December 1663 at Barnstable); Born: 14 January 1634 at Plymouth, Massachusetts Died: Probably at Barnstable between 20 February 1693/4 and 27 December 1695. Miscellaneous: James and Sarah's children included Mary Cobb, Sarah Cobb, Patience Cobb, Hannah Cobb, James Cobb, Gershom Cobb, John Cobb, Elizabeth Cobb, Martha Cobb, Mercy Cobb, and Thankful Cobb.

c) Hannah Cobb: (Married: Edward Lewis (Edward Lewis/Lewes) on 9 May 1661 at Barnstable ); Born: 5 October 1639 [bpt. 5 Oct. 1639] at Scituate ; Died: 17 January 1729/30 at Barnstable; age 90 y, 3 m, 12 d;

d) Patience Cobb: (Married 1st: Robert Parker beginning of August 1667; Married 2nd: Deacon William Crocker after 1 June 1685 [when she swore to her first husband's inventory] ); Born: about 15 March 1641 in Barnstable, Massachusetts [bpt. 13 March 1641/2].; Died: 23 October 1727 at Barnstable at the age of 87;

e) Gershom Cobb: (Probably unmarried; no wife or children are mentioned when his estate was settled.); Born: 10 January 1644 [/45] in Barnstable, Massachusetts . [bpt. 12 January 1644] ; Died: pre 27 October 1675; at a court held on this date, brother John Cobb was made administrator of his estate. He is said to be the Gershom who was killed by Indians at Swansey, and buried 24 June 1675.;

f) Eliezer Cobb: Born: about 30 March 1648 in Barnstable, Massachusetts [bpt. 2 April 1648' ; Died: ? Miscellaneous: He is mentioned in his father's will. He was living in Barnstable in 1703. ]

[Her half siblings (children of her father, Henry Cobb, with Sarah Hinckley include:

g) Mehitable (Mehitable/Mehetabell) Cobb:Born: 1 September 1651 [bpt. 7 September 1651] at Barnstable, Massachusetts ; Died: ~1652, buried 8 March 1652 ;

h) Samuel Cobb: (Married: Elizabeth Taylor,said to be dau of Richard Taylor at Barmstable on 20 December 1680 ); Born: 12 October 1654 ; Died: 7 December 1727 at age 74; Miscellaneous: He was a farmer.

i) Sarah Cobb: Born: 15 January 1658; Died: 1658, buried 25 January 1658;

i) Jonathan Cobb: (Married: Hope (Chipman) Huckins, daughter of John Chipman and Hope Howland and widow of John Huckins in Barnstable on 1 March 1682/3 ); Born:10 April 1660 in Barnstable; Died: 5 August 1728 in Middleboro about 68 years of age ; Miscellaneous: He was a Deacon.

j) Sarah Cobb Chipman (2nd of that name): (Married: Deacon Samuel Chipman on 27 December 1686 at Barnstable); Born: 10 March 1662/3 at Barnstable; Died: 8 January 1742/3 at age 81 at Barnstable;

k) Henry Cobb: (Married:Lois Hallett. Lois was the daughter of Joseph and his wife Elizabeth (Gorham) Hallett); Born: 3 September 1665; Died:1725;

l) Mehitable Cobb: Born: 15 February 1667 ; Died: ? Miscellaneous: She is not mentioned by name in her father's 1673 will. [Note: She would have been only ~6 years old at the time.] She was mentioned as unmarried in the 1742 will of her brother Samuel's son, Thomas Cole. A Mehitable Cobb joined the church at Barnstable on 10 May 1691;

m) Experience Cobb :Born: 11 September 1671 ; Died: ?; Miscellaneous: She is not mentioned by name in her father's 1673 will. [Note: She would have been only ~2 years old at the time.].( Source: Friends of the Pilgrims Series...Early Descendants of Henry Cobb of Barnstable, Massachusetts, 2008 `by Susan E. Roser).


Miscellaneous Information:

Mary married Johathan after the death of his first wife.

Mary Cobb and Johathan Dunham had 6 children Jonathan, Daniel (#273), Eleazer, Gershom. Samuel, Hannah.

Lifetime Events Summary for Mary Cobb:

Mary's Age
15 October 1657
Age at Mother's Death
Age at Father's Death
Before 1717

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