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526. Rebekah (Rebecca) Richardson: (Married: Dr. Eleazer Hill (#525) on 18 August 1712 in Sherborn, on 18 August 1712, Middlesex, Massachusetts. (Source of this date: Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988). (Source in blue description: North America, Family Histories, 1500 - 2000 The Richardson memorial: comprising a full history and genealogy of the posterity of the three brothers).

Born: 28 February 1696-7 of John Richardson (#1,051 ) and Rebecca (#1,052) Rebecca and her brother Benjamin were baptized 15 Aug 1697 as the "children of widow Richardson." It was after their father's death.

Died: ?


[Her siblings included:

a) John Richardson: (Married: Esther Breck), Born: 25 Aug 1679 in Medway, Died: ?

b) Elizabeth Richardson: Born: 20 September 1681 in Medway, Died: previous to 1711, when the estate was settled.

c) Daniel Richardson: (Married: Hannah Underwood), Born: 31 August 1685 in Medway, Died: ?

d) Joseph Richardson: (Married: Hannah Barbour), Born: about 1687 in Medway, Died: ?

e) Mehitabel Richardson: Born: 16 June 1689 in Medway, Died: previous to 1711, when the estate was settled.

f) Benjamin Richardson: (Married: Elizabeth ___ ), Born: 1693 in Medway, Died: ?.]


Miscellaneous Information:

After marrying, Rebecca and Eleazer settled in Douglas. Eleazer Jr. drew land in Douglass in 1715 and 1730, but he made his home in Sherborn and practiced there. His and Rebekah's children, born in Sherborn include: Asa. February 20, 1712-13; William, June 23, 1715, married Joanna Sawin February 19, 1740; Joseph, August 23, 1718; Rebecca, March 6, 1721–22, married (first) Joseph Cousins, and (second) Patrick Shays, October 30, 1765, the father of Daniel Shays, who became famous as the leader of Shays’ Rebellion; Elizabeth, January 30, 1723-24; Ruth, February 26, 1726-27; Daniel, February 22, 1732-33, died September, 1735.(Source of pink is "Pioneering Families ... with Roots in Madison County, Daniel Hill, Town of Fenner posted on on 22 March 2015 by joyceannacapron).


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