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263. Asa Hill (Married: Sarah Hill (#264) on 29 May 1734 in Malden, Massachusetts.) (Source of orange information is: Scott Fisher <>, a descendent of Olive Leach. Olive Leach was Olive Hill and Josiah Noble's granddaughter and great granddaughter of Asa and Sarah Hill).


Born: 12 February 1713 in Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts (20 February 1712-13) of Dr. Eleazer Hill (#525) and Rebeckah Richardson (#526). (Source of pink is "Pioneering Families ... with Roots in Madison County, Daniel Hill, Town of Fenner posted on on 22 March 2015 by joyceannacapron).

Died: probably in early 1799 in Hanover, New Hampshire at 86 years of age.


[His siblings, included:

a) William Hill: (Married: Joanna Sawin on 19 February 1740), Born: 23 June 1715 at Sherborn, Died: ?

b) Joseph Hill: (Married: Hannah Stone, who was born 18 Nov. 1733 to Ebenezer and Prudence Stone. Joseph and Hannah married at Framingham on 9 March 1752. ) Born: 23 August 1718 (23 August 1718) in Sherborn. Died: ? (Source: North America, Family Histories, 1500 - 2000, Gregory Stone Genealogy: Ancestry and Descendants of Dea Gregory Stone of Cambridge, Massachusetts)

c) Rebecca Hill: (Married 1st: Joseph Cousins, Married 2nd: Patrick Shays on 30 October 1765.) Born: 6 March 1721-22, Died: ?

d) Elizabeth Hill: Born: 30 January 1723-24, Died: ?

e) Ruth Hill: Born: 26 February 1726-27, Died: ?

f) Daniel Hill: Born: 22 February 1732-33, Died: September 1735]


Miscellaneous: Asa and Sarah were from two different Hill Clans. In all, they had a total of 10 children including: Sarah, Asa Jr., Olive (#132), Sarah, Martha, Daniel, Eleazer, Sarah, Tabitha, and Moses. As was common at that time, when a child died, the next child of that sex to be born was given the same name. Thus, there were three different daughters in this family named Sarah. All of the children were born in Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts except Moses. By the time Moses was born, the family was living in the nearby town of Holliston, Massachusetts.

Over his long lifetime, Asa experienced many challenges including: the early death of two daughters, sickness that killed many neighbors and caused him to move his family to a different county, two fires that destroyed two different homes, enlisting twice during the French and Indian War and being wounded by cannon fire, the stress resulting from having three sons and three sons-in-law serve with the Patriots in the Revolutionary War, and having a declined mental condition near the end of his life.

Lifetime Events Summary for Asa Hill:

Asa's age
Children's births
1736 - 1753
23 - 40
Daughter Olive Hill (#132's) birth
French and Indian War
1754 - 1763
41 - 50
Revolutionary War
1775 - 1783
62 - 70


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