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Trail Guide


The Lagoon Trail at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida is an ecotone, a transition zone between two ecosystems. In this case, the ecosystems are a mangrove forest and a hardwood hammock.

There are 15 gardens along this trail. The gardens provide a variety of plants that attract insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.

The map above shows the location of each garden. The boardwalk at the end of gardens 14 and 9 leads to Mangrove Point, where you can find black, red, white, and buttonwood mangroves.

Begin your walk at the Lagoon Trail kiosk sign. As you walk along the trail, see how many different kinds of plants you can find, and imagine how each might be used by animals living in and visiting this ecotone.

We hope your walk along the trail is both fun and educational as you discover some of the secrets of an ecotone.

Please continue to protect our unique natural environment. Join as a member of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, tell others about us, make a donation and/or become a volunteer.

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Bahama Cassia


Ring-necked Snake


Corky-Stem Passion Vine





Orange-barred Sulphur Butterfly


Leaf Cutter Bee


Wild Lime






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