History of the Leach and Sharpe Names and Heraldry


The Leach Ancestry

Originally the name Leach, Leech, or Leitch was given to physicians.

The dress tartan for the Leach clan of Scotland is green and red with thin bands of white.




The upper third of the shield of the Leach Coat of Arms is red with three gold ducal crowns. Above the shield is a helmet. The gold on the shield denotes generosity, valor or perseverance. Red represents fortitude and creative power. In the shield, the white field with black spots, represents dignity and nobility.







The Sharpe Ancestry

The Sharpe family was of German stock from the region of the Rhine. The German spelling was "Scharf." There are many spelling variations of the name: Sharp, Sharpe, Scharpe, Scharp, Schearpe.

The Sharpe family Coat of Arms was recorded between the 12th and 15th centuries.

The Sharpe Motto is “Dum Spiro Spero” which translates : "While I have breath, I hope.” The shield has a blue background with a silver arrowhead and eight discs on a gold border. At the top of the helmet is an eagle with an arrow in its mouth.




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