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188. Rachel (Rachael) Herron (Married: George Meek (#187) in 1767 in 1770 in Maryland according to LDS) (Source: Notes from Elizabeth Breckenridge Meek, great-great-great granddaughter of Captain George Meek and Rachael Heron. Information was in a Commemorative article titled "Four Soldiers of 1776 Memorialized by D.A.R", printed in the May 1, 1931 issue of Democratic Watchman, and published by Elizabeth's brother, George R. Meek).

Born: ca 1745 in Maryland according to LDS of David Herron (#375) and Unknown (#376) (Source: Centre County, PA...AMERICAN REVOLUTION SOLDIERS AND PATRIOTS, Compiled by Nancy Lee Stover.)

Died: ?


[Her siblings, if any, are unknown].


Captain George Meek and Rachel Herron had four sons and four daughters. David was the oldest, then John, Robert and William. Mary (#94) was the oldest girl. Jane came next, and then Isabella and Sarah.

Rachel's father, David Herron's will was probated March 18, 1778 in Carlisle, says: 'To my daughter Rachael's children, she being now wife to George Meek, I do give and bequeath forty pounds which is all I allow her.'

Her husband, George Meek's will was made November 23,1801, proven January 19, 1802. It says , "'give and bequeath unto my dear wife, Rachael, the farm that I now live on, dwelling house and buildings erected on same with all the clear land, orchard and meadow on said premises' and various other belongings. The will further states, 'I nominate, constitute and appoint my said wife and my well beloved friend, Thomas Ferguson, Esq., of the Township of Ferguson, to be executors of this my last will and testament.'

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