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196. Margaret Clark (Married Henry Garret (Garrett)(195) about 1767 in Orange County, N. C.

Born: About 1746 in Orange County, N.C. according to one LDS source of unknown father (#391) and unknown mother (#392)

Died: ? She is buried at Stoners Church Cemetery in Alamance County, N.C. with her husband.


[Her siblings, if any, are unknown].


Margaret and her husband, Henry, had perhaps three children: Catharine (#98), Henry, and John. (Source of information for Catharine and John as children of Henry Garrett: Brick Church Records transcribed from the original records by Rev. D. I. Offman; typed from a carbon copy of Rev. D.I. Offman's translation by Calvin Hinshaw, and proof read by said Hinshaw and David Hold in 1959.) (Source of information for Henry is This needs to be further researched.)

On April 26, 2006 Norman Sharpe (Great Great Great Great Grandson), Helen Leach (#4) (Great Great Great Great Granddaughter) and Sandra Henson, Mary Lue Finch, and Susan Snyder (#2)... all Great Great Great Great Great Granddaughters.... visited Stoners Church Cemetery located in a pasture on Rufus J. Dale's farm in Alamance County on Bellemont-Kimesville Rd. near the village of Belmont (near Graham) just off highway 49. By using a map that is part of the document titled Investigations at Historic Stoner's Cemetery (31AM174,174**) by Dr. Linda France Stine, (PO Box 268, Julian, NC 27283; prepared for Stoner's Cemetery Preservation Fund Board, PO Box 2191, Burlington, N.C. 27216-2191, June 21, 1998), Margaret's stone was located. Her stone was buried in the earth and is one of the stones marked by a red flag at the top of the hill near the large stone of John Noe shown below. There were no dates on her stone.


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