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137. Daniel Dunham (Married Sarah Huxford (#138) on 19/20 November 1739, 20 November 1739 or 30 November 1739 by Rev. Samuel Wiswell) [Recorded at Chilmark as 19th, recorded at Edgartown as 20th]. (Source of wife's name and date of marriage: History of Martha's Vineyard by Charles Edward Banks, 1911,Vol. 3: 157)

Born: 20 November 1711, 1712 at Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard Island, Massachusetts according to the website: Dunham-Donham Family in America website and referenced from History of Martha's Vineyard by Charles Edward Banks, 1911,Vol. 3:157) (Another source: Ora L. Rothbone in his history of the Dunham family published May 10, 1947 p. 4.) of Daniel Dunham (#273)& Unknown Mother (possibly Rebecca ____ (#274) Banks states there is no authority for calling her Rebecca Norton, nor is it known for certain if she was the mother of any or all of Daniel Dunham Senior's children, or even if she was Daniel Dunham Senior's only wife. All that is known about her is that she was named in Daniel's will as his wife.(Source: Friends of the Pilgrims Series...Early Descendants of Henry Cobb of Barnstable, Massachusetts, 2008 `by Susan E. Roser). According to North American Family Histories, 1500-2000: Dunham Genealogy: Deacon John Dunham of Plymouth, Massachusetts: 1589-1669 p.80, posted at, Daniel's father married Rebecca (Norton, who died February 3, 1783, in Easthampton, Connecticut. He was baptized February 3, 1723.

Died: 27 June 1797 in Conway, Massachusetts, ae 86/86th yr. cancer (Ref. History of Martha's Vineyard by Charles Edward Banks, 1911, Vol. 3:157).

[His siblings included:

a) Matilda Dunham: (Married: Joseph Vinson/Vincent, Joseph Vincent son of Thomas Vincent & Sarah Post, pre 5 Feb. 1727 [bth. 1st child]) at Edgartown;) Born: 1703, ca 1703 [based on age at death] Died: 2 Feb. 1787,(2 February 1789) buried at Edgartown, old age, widow, age 84.;

b) Zephaniah Dunham: (Married: Sarah Smith on 6 Sept. 1733, July 20, 1740 ) Born: 1705 Died: ?; Miscellaneous: No known issue. In 1744, he sold land that had been willed by his father.

c) Rebecca Dunham: (Married: Benjamin Pease, son of Benjamin Pease Sr. & Jean Arey{ca 1727} ) Born: 1707 Died: 29 November 1774 at Edgartown, age 67;

d) Sarah Dunham: (Married: David Pease, son of Thomas Pease & Bathsheba Merry, on 5 July 1739 at Edgartown) Born: 1709/10,1710 Died: after 1752, Oct 1768; Miscellaneous: Sarah and David Pease's daughter (Sarah Pease) was the 2nd wife of Benjamin Pease Sr., marrying him on 5 December 1775 in Edgartown. Benjamin Pease Sr. was the father of Sarah Dunham's sister (Rebecca's) husband Benjamin Pease Jr. [Note: This would mean that Sarah Pease's uncle Benjamin Pease Jr. was the son of Sarah Pease's husband, Benjamin Pease Sr.; Although it has not been confirmed by this webmaster, it is likely that Sarah Pease's father is also related to her husband.]

e) Persis Dunham: (Married: William Dunham (Donham) of Colchester at Edgartown on 13 November 1739 [recorded at Colchester 10 November; TAG 39 [1963]: 198, ["William Dunham of Plymouth, Mass., son of William", by Mr. John E. Barclay, F.A.S.G.] suggests he was the son of Jonathan Dunham & Mary Spencer.) Born: about 1713, baptized Feb 2, 1723; Died: after 10 October 1751 [birth 3rd child recorded at Colchester, Connecticut];

f) Mary Dunham: (Married 1st: David Parmalee (Caleb?). 3rd wife of Caleb Parmlee; Married 2nd: (Eleazer Curtice on 23 September 1735 at Lebanon, Connecticut, Jacob Curtis of Colchester on May 27, 1727, Jacob Curtis); Born: about 1715, baptized February 3, 1723 Died: after 20 December 1738 [birth 2nd child recorded], Oct 1770;

g) Eleazer Dunham: (Married: Hannah Clements, daughter of Jeremiah Clements & Anna Jones on 1 December 1740 at Boston Massachusetts ) Born: 1717. (Christened 3 February 1722/23); Died: Pre July 1753; Miscellaneous: He was a mariner.

h) Samuel Dunham: (Married: Esther Lyman or possibly Elizabeth Dunham, Elizabeth __ of Sharon, Conn. on March 20,1745) Born: about 1719; he was baptized Feb 3, 1723 Died: possibly 9 December 1779, 62 yrs.; Miscellaneous: He "removed to Lebanon & Sharon, Connecticut. He is possibly the same who died at Lebanon 9 December 1779, 62 yrs, placing his birth at ca 1718 and who married at Lebanon, 13 November 1740 Esther Lyman. Note that the Sharon vital records also give a marriage for a Samuel Dunham, 20 March 1745 to Elizabeth Dunham." He was taxed at Lebanon, Conn. He lived in Lebanon and Sharon, Conn. From 1758-1760, he was a representative in the general assembly; Lieutenant in 1745, Conn. Rec., 1747. He had three children: Hezekiah, Holtham, and Samuel.

i) Dinah Dunham: Born: 1721, baptized Feb 3, 1723; Died: ?; Miscellaneous: She was unmarried, as documented in her fathers 1741 will.

j) Silas Dunham: (Married 1st: Deborah ____ on Nov 17, 1754 at Westchester; Married 2nd: Mrs. Sarah Clark-Johnson on Jan 18, 1781); Born: (1710), baptized 27 October 1723; Died: ?; Miscellaneous: Possibly removed to Easthampton, Connecticut. Was willed 12 pounds by his father, which was placed in the hands of William Dunham, his brother-in-law [Note: William was Persis' husband]. He was captain of militia at Lexington alarm. He had three children: Gershom, Silas, and Silas

k) Jacob Dunham: (Married: Elizabeth Pettee (Pettit) at Sharon, Connecticut by John Williams on 29 October 1754, moved to Lebanon, Conn.) Born: (Susan Williams (Dunham Family genealogist) says he was christened 9 February 1726/27), baptized 9 April 1727, baptized Sept 3, 1759 Died: ? at Martha's Vineyard; Miscellaneous:, was living in Lebanon, Conn 1747-48. May 3, 1750 at Salisbury, guardian for Cornelius Minor, son of Hezekiah Dunham. "On 8 September 1772, a Jacob Dunham was chosen guardian by Jonathan Dunham, son of Jonathan Dunham, dec'd of Sharon. [removed to Lebanon, Conn.] Jacob is said to have been killed during the Revolutionary War however I [Susan Roser] could not confirm. Note that a Jacob Dunham served in the French and Indian Wars as a private in John Wright's Company between 22 Sept. 1754 - 23 July 1755." Jacob had 6 children: Rebecca, John, Samuel, Silas, Zebulon, and Ebenezer. ] (All blue information has been verified by Susan L. Williams <>(Dunham descendent/ genealogist) and/or the Dunham-Donham Family in America website).(Source:North American Family Histories, 1500-2000: Dunham Genealogy: Deacon John Dunham of Plymouth, Massachusetts: 1589-1669).


He was admitted to the church September 19, 1743.

Daniel lived in Edgartown & Chilmark, Dukes, Massachusetts and Conway, Franklin, Massachusetts. According to Ora L. Rothbone in his history of the Dunham family published May 10, 1947 p. 15, Daniel sold his property at Edgartown to Joseph Norton and moved to Conway. According to North American Family Histories, 1500-2000 p. 80, posted at, Daniel also sold property in Edgartown to Matthew Norton.

Daniel and Sarah had seven children: Thankful, Eleazer, Daniel, Cornelius, Jonathan (#69), Mary, and Rebecca.

Daniel's will was probated on March 31, 1742.


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