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186. Anne (Anna) ___ (Married Ulrich Steely (Stally)(Stalley)(Steeley) (Stelley) (#185) probably before 1732 because there as an Anna Stalley and a Ulrich Stelley (Stalley) both traveling to America on the same ship in 1732). LDS says they were married in 1753. Another LDS file says about 1754 in Mifflin, Pennsylvania. Another LDS file says about 1762 in Pennsylvania.

Born: LDS says about 1730 in Bethel, Pennsylvania. Another LDS file says about 1742 in Mufflin County, Pennsylvania. (Note: Either these birth dates and place of birth are incorrect or the Anna Stalley traveling on the same ship as Ulrich in 1732 to America was not this Anne)

Died: 1793 in Pennsylvania (All comments in purple are from a document sent by April Potts to Susan Snyder in e-mail).; LDS says in May 1793.


[Her siblings, if any, are unknown].


Anna Stalley (27) arrived in Philadelphia from Rotterdam, Germany September 21, 1732 on the ship Pink Plaisance, John Paret, master. (This is verified by Immigrants Into Pennsylvania, Volume 1 as searched in Historical Records on (Note: The 27 following Anna's name on the ship's registry may be her age. If so, then she was born in 1705, probably in Germany).

Anna and her husband, Ulrich, had seven children: Christina, Sarah, Jacob, Gabriel (#93), Lazarus, Mary, and Henry.


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