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39. Peter Bussard (Bossert)(Busort)(Bosert) (Married: Maria Margaret Householder (Margaretha Rebecca Householder) (#40), 17 June 1784)

Born: 7 March 1761 of Daniel Bussard (Bossert) (#77) & Sophia Elizabeth Renner (#78) in Cumru Township of Berks County in the Province of Pennsylvania.

Died: 9 November 1802 following an accident, as described below.

[His siblings included:

a) Elizabeth Bussard: (Married: Jacob Stimmel, Jr., 15 November 1785); Born: 1763 in Cumru Township of Berks County, Pennsylvania; Died: About 1850;

b) Barbara Bussard: (Married 1st: Peter Stimmel in 1794, Married 2nd: John Henderson in 1810); Born: 18 July 1766 in Cumru Township of Berks County, Pennsylvania. Died: ?;

c) Abraham Bussard: (Married: Elizabeth Harclerode); Born: 1769 in Maryland; Died: Between 1850- 1859; He reported to the 1850 Pennsylvania Census Bureau that he was 82 years old.

d) Daniel Bussard, Jr.: (Married: Catherine Kanode, 1803); Born: 2 December 1771, Baptized in 1788. He lived in Georgetown, near Washington, DC. He operated a “Rope-Walk” factory; The British burned his factory equipment at the time Washington was captured. Died: ? ;

e) John Bussard: (Married: Nancy Hufford, 12 January 1795); Born: 1774. Died: ? ;

f) Mary Bussard: (Married: John Exeline); Born: 18 July 1776 (18 August 1776). says 8 August 1776. Died: ? ;

g) Susanna Bussard: (Married: Frederick Baker, Jr., 14 June 1797); Born: 28 October 1778, Baptized in 1778; Died: 1847;

h) Solomon Bussard: Born: 10 July 1781; Died: ?;

i) Catherine Bussard: (Married: Samuel Baugher); Born: 1786, Baptized in 1788; Died: ?;

j) Indah Bussard: (Married: Henry Dairy ); Born: 29 January 1784; Died: ?;

k) Phillip Bussard: Born: 1788; Died: ?] [Note: All information in blue ink on this page, unless otherwise indicated, was obtained from The Genealogy of Peter Bossert-Bussard 1761-1802, compiled by Ruthella Bussard and published by Jeanne Bussard Workshop, 101 West South Street, Frederick, Maryland 21701 in 1974].


The following paragraphs are quoted from The Genealogy of Peter Bossert-Bussard 1761-1802, compiled by Ruthella Bussard and published by Jeanne Bussard Workshop, 101 West South Street, Frederick, Maryland 21701 in 1974.

“There is a discrepancy as to whether Peter (Bossert) Bussard’s ancestors were of German or French Nationality. A brief review of some of the historical events within and between the two countries will follow, and each of us will have to decide for ourselves.

Germany, the Holy Roman Empire, experienced years of war, and the Reformation divided her almost evenly between Protestant and Catholic. Germany began to disintegrate and the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 helped to push her into a state of “feudal chaos.” France gained jurisdiction over three Lorraine bishoprics and certain rights in Alsace, while Bovaria obtained part of the Palatinate. At this time in history, France maintained a “jaundiced eye” on the Rhineland.

Small states existed alongside the larger ones within the German Empire. These states were assisted by outside powers and especially by France. Louis XIV dreamed of a frontier on the Rhine. The “War of Devolution” in 1667 and the “Dutch War” in 1672 brought the French power to the borders of Switzerland. In 1679 Louis XIV of France further infiltrated the dissolving frontier of Germany in Lorraine and Alsace, and by the early 1680’s , Alsace was completely controlled. Numerous German-born people became Frenchmen.

The early eighteenth century for France was a period of absolutism checked and balanced by organized groups. The nobles began to win back many powers of which Louis XIV had endeavored to deprive them. Many of the people were growing restless. The peoples of Lorraine, Asace, and the Palatinate began their exodus.

Peter (Bossert) Bussard’s grandfather was a young man at this time in history. He must have pondered leaving his homeland, as there is much pain in parting. In desperation they came to America for land, hope, and opportunity. The Old World was exchanged for a new unique land based on principles to be fought for and yet to be won.

Peter, the first child born to Daniel and Sophia Bossert has been called the “emigrant” but as has been stated, he was born in Cumru Township in the Providence of Pennsylvania. The family moved into the Monocacy Valley area at the time Peter was eight years of age. It was plausible that the family always lived on or near that part of the Manor that is today surrounded by the Glade Road and Creek to the west, Devilbiss Bridge Road to the South, Route 194 from Walkersville to Woodsboro on the East, and Links Bridge Road on the north. The family name is frequently associated with the names of other settlers located on the Manor such as, Baker, Weaver, Rhodes, and Brown.

Factually nothing is known of Peter’s youth but we can be certain that he was trained in the art of rural survival which seems to be a harsh, cruel, punitive way of life as compared to the standards of our era. He could not avoid the fear and the excitement of pre-revolutionary days and the war. He was fourteen at the onset of the war and probably viewed the troops enroute northward.

Raymond Bussard [who did research previous to the Genealogy of Peter Bossert-Bussard 1761-1802,] noted that Peter joined the military service June 2, 1779 at eighteen years of age. The Department of General Services found no reference to a Peter Bossert, Buzzard, or Bussard.

At twenty-three years of age, Peter married Maria Margaret Householder, the daughter of John Ad and Elizabeth Householder.

Peter purchased from his father the “Stoney Lick’ farm the 11th of June, 1791, and part of the “Hide and Seek” tract from William Hobbs March 30, 1799.

To Peter and Margaret were born five sons and five daughters [Note: Their names were: Sarah (Salome), Daniel, Catherine, Samuel, Peter, John, George, Elizabeth, Sophia, and Susannah (#20).]; one son died young. The family attended the “Apple’s Reformed Church near Mechanicstown (Thurmont) where the majority of their children were baptized. The distance from “Stoney Lick” to the old log church was a number of miles through rugged mountainous terrain; guns were carried to protect the families or individuals from wild beasts or marauding Indians which were quite numerous in that area. The Church had a corner where guns stood during the service. Many trails exist in the mountains indicating that shorter routes were made to Mechanicstown, Garfield, Wolfsville, and elsewhere.

The age of the “Stoney Lick” house is not known. We do know that several families lived there and buried their young and old in the farm cemetery before Daniel (1736) purchased the property. [Note: Daniel (#76) was Peter's father.] The summer kitchen was not completely constructed at the time of Peter’s death. This was the last room to be added and it contains a huge fireplace built from the native stone that encompasses the entire north side of the room. Yes, the house was primitive but constructed of sturdy logs filled with chinking which is a composition of lime, sand, stone, and water. The ceiling rafters of the upper and lower rooms were bare and black from the wood-burning stoves. Each level of the house contained four rooms and a porch that extended the length of the house.

Below: "Stoney Lick" Farm. The source of this photograph is The Genealogy of Peter Bossert-Bussard 1761-1802, compiled by Ruthella Bussard and published by Jeanne Bussard Workshop, 101 West South Street, Frederick, Maryland 21701 in 1974. p. 12.

Strassburger and Hinke’s volumes, Pennsylvania German Pioneers give alternate spellings of Bussard as: Bossart, Boshart, Bossard, Bossert, Possart, and Bushart."

[Note: Peter (born in 1761) would have been 39 when the 1800 Census was conducted. Maria, born in 1762, would have been 38. They had 9 children at the time. The 3 boys under 10 would have been Peter (age 8, born in 1792), John (age 6, born in 1794), and George (age 4, born in 1796). The 2 boys of 10 - 15 would be Daniel (age 14, born in 1786) and Samuel (age 10, born in 1790). The 2 girls under 10 would be Elizabeth (age 3, born in 1797) and Sophia (age < 1, born in 1800). The two girls of 10 - 15 would be Sarah (Salome) (age 15, born in 1785) and Catherine (age 12, born in 1788) . Susannah (#20) was not born until 1802.]

Peter made his will the 23rd of May, 1802 in the presence of four friends who were Joseph Miller, Jacob Williams, Jacob Gotz, and Peter Leatherman. While dragging logs in the month of May, a horse kicked Peter causing a head injury and as a result of the accident, he died the 9th of November, 1802 at the age of forty-one. It seems as if horse accidents were as frequent and as severe in those days as the powered vehicles of the modern era. Only those who have experienced the loss of a companion can totally understand the experiences Margaret must have endured in raising nine children to adulthood or the pangs that she felt at the time that Samuel, Sarah, Catherine, and Susannah prepared for their westward ventures."


Below: Peter’s will. A transcript of the will follows. The source of the will for this website is The Genealogy of Peter Bossert-Bussard 1761-1802, compiled by Ruthella Bussard and published by Jeanne Bussard Workshop, 101 West South Street, Frederick, Maryland 21701 in 1974. p. 7-9.


"In The Name of God Amon..I Peter Bosart --of Frederick County and State of Maryland being Very sick and Weak in body but of a Sound and disproving mind memory and --understanding considering the certainty of Death and the uncertainty of the time thereof and being desirous to Settle my Worldly affairs and thereby be the better prepared to leave this world when it may Please God to call me home do therefore make & publish this my last will and Testament in this following manner and form Viz?

First & principally I commit my Soul into the hands of Almighty God and my Body to the Earth to be Decently buried at the descretion of my Executria. And after my Debts and funeral charges are paid I Devise and bequeath as follows- I give and bequoath unto my Dearly beloved Wife Margaret all and Singular my Estate both real & Personal whatsoever during her life time or Widowhood--and that she Shall not be Accountable for any part thereof and when my youngest child Arrives to Lawful age or Marriath which first may happen then my Wife provided she remaineth Solo shall be hereby Legally Impowered to sell & Dispose/if she see proper or think fit, all my Estate both real & personal or such part or parcel thereof as she shall think proper at that time. And also to make such Distribution unto my children of my Estate as she may see cause or Judge Proper but and in case my Wife Should die or marry after my Decease Then it is my will and desire that the Power Invested to my wife Shall Desolve on my Executor how in after named and that he may & shall have full power & Legal Authority to sell & convey by Lawful Deed of bargain Sale all my Real Estates and Personal to the best advantage (Excepting what may hereafter be Bequeathed or reserved) And to make Equal distribution thereof unto all my Children to be paid them in Succopion of Age in a Descending line after they come to Lawfull age to be paid to each of them Share & Share alike. And provided a Sale should take place of my Estate by my Executor in time of the minority of any of my children Then I order & Direct that each Childs or childrens Share of my Estate shall be put out at Interest And the Interest thereof or such part thereof as may ____?____ Shall be Applied to the Education and raising of my Children in their minority -- ____?__ incase my wife should Marry after my Decease I give and bequeath unto her ___?__ my Chest Bed and beding with its furniture and Spinning whool which to be in full of her Share and Dower of my Estate both real and Personal whatsoever. And Lastly I’d hereby constitute and appoint my Beloved wife--Margaret--and my Trusty friend Frederick Baker to be the Executrix and Executor of this my last will and Testament and that if my Executric or Executor Shall Sell and Dispose of my Land and promises by Authority in them or either of them Vested by Virtue of this my last Will and Testament likewise to have legal power--to convey the Same by Lawfull Deed of bargain and Sale revoking and annulling all former Wills by me heretofore made ratifying & confirming this and none other to be my last will and Testament. In Testimony __?___ I have ___?__ set my hand and Seal this Twenty third day of May Anno Domim one thousand Eight Hundred and two.

Peter Busort (Seal)

Signed Sealed Published Pronounced & Delivered by Peter Busort the above named Testetor in and for his last will and Testament in the presence of us who at his request and in his presence and in the Presence of each other have Subscribed our names as _____? _ _?_____-- Joseph Miller, Jacob Williams, Jacob Gotz, Peter Letterman.

Frederick County November 17th 1802 Then came Margaret C.Bosert and Frederick Baker __?__ and made oath on the holy Evangole of Almighty God that the aforegoing Instrument of writing is the __?_____ and whole will and Testament of Peter Buzort late of Frederick County. ___?_____ that hath come to their ___?_____ and __?____ and they do not know on any other.

Geo Hancock Reger ( ?)

Frederick County November 17th, 1802 Peter Leatherman one of those Subscribing witnesses to the aforegoing last will & Testament of Peter Buzart late of Frederick County ____?_____ & Solemnly & Sincerely Affirmed & Declared that he did see the Testetor therein named Sign & Seal this Will At same time came Jacob Williams & Jacob Gatz other two of the Subscribing Witnesses to the aforegoing last-will and Testament of Peter Bosert late of Frederick County Decreed and made Oath on the Holy Evangol of Almighty God that they did see the Testetor therein named Sign and Seal this will that they heard him Publish Pronounce and Declare the same to be his last will and Testament That at the time of his __?____ he was to the best of their apprehensions of a Sound and disposing mind memory and understanding that they respectively Subscribed their names as witnesses to this will in the presence & at the request of the Testetor And that they did also see Joseph Miller the other Subscribing Witness sign his name as a witness to said Will in the Presence and at the request of the Testetor and all in the Presence of each other.
George Hancock Reger (?)"



Below: Photograph of the original markers of Peter and Margaret Bussard at Bussard’s Flat.

Below: A permanent marker was placed at the gravesite by the family around 1942 in honor of Peter and Margaret Bussard. The source of the photograph above and the one at left below is The Genealogy of Peter Bossert-Bussard 1761-1802, compiled by Ruthella Bussard and published by Jeanne Bussard Workshop, 101 West South Street, Frederick, Maryland 21701 in 1974. p. 64 & 65. The photograph at right below is courtesy of Find A Grave.

The stone transcription:


1761 PETER 1802
1762 - 1839



“Directions to the cemetery from Thurmont, Maryland; turn right on Route 77 and travel west toward Catoctin Mountain Park. Turn left on Catoctin Hollow Road and continue to the Mink Farm Road. Turn right on Mink Farm Road, and the cemetery is located on the first farm to the right.”


Lifetime Events Summary for Peter Bussard:

Peter's age
Revolutionary War
1775 - 1783
14 - 22
Birth of Children
1785 - 1802
24 - 41
Birth of daughter Susannah Bussard (#20)


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