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1,026. Jane Turpin (Married James Leach (#1,025) in1650 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts.


Born:? of Thomas Turpin (#2,051) and Agnes ? (#2,052)

Died: ?


[Her siblings, in any are unknown]


Miscellaneous Information:

James #1,025, Jane's husband, was married twice (1st: Jane Turpin, 2nd: Jane Bachiler). James was father to six children: Thomas Leach, James Leach (#513) , Zachariah Leach, John Leach, Joseph Leach, and Nathaniel Leach. (The source of pink information about James is The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, New York by Frank J. Doherty, Pleasant Valley, New York 12569, 2003) p 911)

[Note: It is reasoned by this genealogist (Susan Leach Snyder) that Thomas and James were born to Jane Turpin, since they were the first born and she was James #1,025's first wife. ].

Mrs. Bachiler's [the second wife of James] will dated 5 Nov 1660, and probated 26 June 1661, made bequeaths to James Leach, his wife and 4 children. (Source of dark green information is and a published scan of a manuscript with no details about its origin.).

[Note: The birth of James # 513's siblings is unknown, so perhaps only 4 children had been born to James #1,025 when Jane Bachiler's mother died. It would be helpful if Mrs. Ann Bachiler's will could be examined to see if the 4 children are named. ]

In an posting by Sandra Clarke February 23, 2015, Jane Bachiler (Batcheider) [James #1,025;s second wife] is credited as being the mother of Zachariah Leach, John Leach, Joseph Leach, and Nathaniel Leach. [Those are James Leach #1,025's four youngest children and James Leach #513's four younger siblings.]


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