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1,049. Eleazer Hill (Married 1st: Sarah Breck (#1,050) about 1688 of Sherborn, Married 2nd: Rebecca (Clark) Richardson on 20 March 1702-03. Rebecca was the daughter of Joseph and Alice (Pepper) Clark, and widow of John Richardson of Medfield) (Source: Eleazer Hill-Descendants of John Hill Posted 02 Jan 2013 on by Laurie16556 from "The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vol 58, page 163)


Born: 29 June 1664 of John Hill (#2,097) and Hannah Johnson (#2,098)

Died: 1725


[His siblings, if any, are unknown]



Miscellaneous Information:

Eleazer was a husbandman [Note: A hubandman is a farmer.], and resided in Sherborn .

Following his first wife (Sarah) 's death on 6, July 1699, on Oct. 18 1703, Eleazer Hill was appointed guardian for his children Eleazer, Moses, Nathaniel, Ruth and Solomon, of their interests in the estate of their grandfather Thomas Breck. (Middlesex Co. Probate.)

Eleazer died intestate, and on Sept. 28, 1725, his sons Eleazer, Solomon, Nathaniel and Moses, and daughter Ruth wife of John Holbrook, signed an agreement of settlement. (Middlesex Co. Probate.) )

Eleazer's children with his first wife (Sarah) included: Eleazer (#525), Sarah, Solomon, Nathaniel, Ruth, and Moses.


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