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524. (Mary) Miriam Taylor (Married Ebenezer Bush (#523) July 1710 in Westfield, Massachusetts) (The source of information in purple is from James Cox Brady and his ancestry, by Louis Effingham De Forest, New York: De Forest Publishing Co., 1933 Bush American Ancestry, p. 107-113.

Born: About 1694 in Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts of Unknown Father (#1,047) and Unknown Mother (#1,048).

Died: 13 July 1752 in Westfield, Massachusetts.


[Her siblings, if any, are not known].


Miscellaneous Information:

Pages 107-108: "His [Ebenezer's] whole life seems to have been spent at Westfield and it was probably there that he married his first wife Miriam, whose family name is unknown. This marriage probably took place in 1710, or close to that year, as the first of the children of this couple was born in March, 1711. The name Miriam was a somewhat unusual one in early New England and it was hoped that Ebenezer Bush's wife could be identified. An examination of all the births in the town of Westfield disclosed that there was only one Miriam who was born before Ebenezer Bush married. She was a daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Ashley) Ingersoll and was born June 4, 1697. She was only thirteen years old when Ebenezer Bush married, which made her an unlikely although possible bride. However, papers relating to the estate of Thomas Ingersoll, to be found in Springfield, Massachusetts, showed definitely that Miriam Ingersoll did not marry Ebenezer Bush. Miriam was the mother of all of Ebenezer Bush's children, and they lived together for over forty years. On September 5, 1750, Ebenezer Bush and Miriam his wife were among those 'Cited to appear before the Church, to give the Reasons of their Separating from the Church.' The requirements for admission to membership in the church had been modified and many of the stricter members, resenting any relaxation of the regulations, joined in what was known as a 'Separate' movement. When Miriam and Ebenezer Bush were thus called before the parent church for 'separating,' they gave as their reasons that 'persons that had not Grace were admitted into the Church' and that 'the Church denyed the power of Godliness.' On February 23, 1750, they were declared no longer members of the church, and Ebenezer Bush was among the founders of what became a Baptist Church in Westfield. Miriam died in Westfield on July 13, 1752...."

A Church of Latter-day Saints file #9LWZ-HW states Miriam's last name was Taylor. That file states that she was born about 1694 in Westfield, Hampden, Massachusettes, married Ebenezer Bush in July 1710 in Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, and died 1752, age 58.

Page 113: Miriam and Ebenezer had seven children: Lydia (#262), Ebenezer, Huldah, Zachariah, David, Aaron, and Hannah.


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