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797. David Eveland (Johann David Iffland) (David Ephland) (Married Anna Maria "Mary" Rebecca Schneider (#798) in 1715.) (Source of blue information is a secondary source The Efland Family, author unknown. This unknown author's primary source was Nicholas Gibbs and His Descendants 1733 to 1977.)

Born: July 21, 1675 in Mecklar, Hesse, Germany 1690 in Mecklar Hesse, Germany of Johannes David Ifflandt (#1,593) and Catherine ___ (#1,594).

Died: 1761 in Amwell Twp., Trenton Or, Hunterdon County, New Jersey.


[His siblings may have been:

Elizabeth Ephland: Born: 17 November 1670. Died: ?,

Margaretha Ephland: Born: 17 November 1672. Died: ?,

Ann Ephland Born: 4 March 1678. Died: ?,

Margaretha Elisabetha Ephland: Born: 18 August 1680. Died: ? ].


Miscellaneous Information:

David Ephland lived in Germany 1690 to 1761.

David and his wife appeared in records in Amwell Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey in 1736. David, a German, was the immigrant ancestor. His 1471/2-acre farm was located in what is now Flemington, New Jersey, and was sold on June 12, 1762. His will was dated May 28, 1753, and proved November 9, 1761. It and the original will are filed in Trenton, New Jersey. (Source: Efland (Eveland) Family by Alyse H. Morton).

David and Mary had at seven childen, Peter Efland (#399), Margretta Eveland (Margaret Efland), John Eveland (Efland), Frederick Eveland (Efland), Catherine Eveland (Efland), Mary Eveland (Efland); and Magdalena Eveland (Magdalene Efland).


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