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413. Johann George Gobel (Married (1) Maria Barbara Geisler(#414) on 13 May 1716 in Hoffenheim, Sinsheim, Baden, Germany (2) before 17 September 1761 Maria Barbara Wittmer. [Source for the gray information is research done by Michael Cavenaugh (Glass family genealogist denoted on the Guilford County Genealogy Association Website) [Michael Cavenaugh notes: Millie Hoefgen, 2873 SW Plass Ave., Topica KS did the research on this, and we both feel that this confirms other research on the 2nd marriage of Johann George Gobel to Barbara Loeffel. He married the mother-in-law of his son George Adam Coble.

Orphan Court Records from York County, PA settled the estate of Christian Loeffel. The widow Barbara administered the estate. In the final appearance before the court on 17 Sep 1761, "Came into court George Gobel who intermarried with Barbara, late the Widow and Administratrix of Christian Loeffel, Dec'd, and pronounced the accompts of their Administration....". In the settlement George and Barbara were to pay certain Amounts to each heir with interest from 1 May 1751, probably the DOD of Christian Loeffel.]


Born: in 1693 in Hoffenheim, Sinsheim, Baden, Germany; christened 4 June 1693; of Johan Georg Gobel (#825) and Eva Sonss (#826).

Died: 22 Feb 1765


[His siblings included

Paul Gobel: Born: ?; Died: ?;

Phillip Gobel: Born: ?; Died: ?;

Jacob Gobel: Born: 1682; Died: ? [Michael Cavenaugh notes: He came to America in 1708. See the National Genealogical Quarterly for the history on this line. He settled in New York State.]

Johan Nicholas Gobel: (Johann George's half brother. They had the same father, but Johan Nicholas' mother was Maria Elizabetha Gilber, not Eva Sonss) (Married on 21 Nov 1724 Anna Dorothea Crafft); Born: 27 Jun 1701 in Hoffensheim, Sinsheim, Baden, Germany; Died: 22 Feb 1765 in Hoffensheim, Sinsheim, Baden, Germany.]


Johann George and Maria Barbara had 12 children: Anthony Coble (#247), Carl Antonius Coble, Maria Elizabetha Coble, Anna Maria Coble, George Balthasar Coble, Maria Magdalena Coble, Anna Margaretha Coble, George Adam Coble, Hans George Coble, Anna Catherine Coble, Maria Dorothea Coble, and Johannes Coble. [Note: sometime in the generation of Johann's children, the last name was changed from Gobel to Coble.]


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