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443. Heinrich Keller (Johan Henrich Kollor) (Koller) (Johann Henrich Keller) (Married Juliana Kleindinst (#444) on 20 October 1728 in Naumburg, Weierbach, Offenburg, Baden [Germany]) (Submitted to LDS by Elizabeth Schooler Watkins, 61 S Pomona Rd., Yakima, Washington, 98901)


Born: 9 January 1708 in Naumburg,Hessen-Nassau, Preussen, [Germany] of William Keller (#885)and Gertraut ? (#886).

Died: 18 October 1782; Burial at Keller's Union Church, Bedminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.[a.k.a St. Matthews Lutheran, a church that began in 1744]

[His siblings, if any, are unknown].



Members of Brick Church, NC rootsweb listsearch, Larry and Kathryn Priest, stated 13 February 1999 that Anna Maria Keller (Anna Mariah Okeller) (#222) was the sixth child of the Kellers, a German couple, who arrived at Port of Philadelphia on 9 September 1738 aboard ship Glasgow. They settled in Bedminster Twp., Bucks County, PA. [Note: In checking the Glasgow's passenger list for that day, there were 120 men, and 229 women and children passengers listed. One of the men was a Johan Henrich Kollor [Koller] [Johann Henrich Keller], 30 years old. This Johann might have been her father, but he had no family listed with him. In 1738, Anna would have been 5 years old.]

Heinrich and Juliana had 11 children: Johan Peter Keller, Anna Maria Keller (#222), Johanes Keller, Anna Margretha Keller, Maria Elizabeth Keller, Elizabeth Barbara Keller, John Heinrich Keller, John Peter Keller, Dorothea Keller, Christopher Keller, Heinrich Keller (Submitted to LDS by Elizabeth Schooler Watkins, 61 S Pomona Rd., Yakima, Washington, 98901)


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