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374. Elizabeth Alexander (Married Robert Meek (#373) , about 1756 in Maryland; 1754 in Virginia; another LDS Source says before 1755 in Ireland.)


Born: 1734; 1735 in Wales; 24 December 1731 in Wales of Unknown Father (#747) and Unknown Mother (#748)

Died: ?

[Her siblings, if any, are unknown].



She and her husband may have had 11 children: John, Albert, Jane, Robert, Elizabeth, Rachel, Margaret, George Meek (#187) Samuel, William, and Adam.

[ Note: Source: American Revolutionary soldiers of Franklin County, Pennsylvania compiled by Virginia Shannon Fendrick for the Franklin County Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, Chambersburg, PENNA states that George Meek was the son of Robert Meek. This source also states that Robert came from Edinborough before the Revolution.]


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